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  5. "드래곤즈, 블루윙즈"

"드래곤즈, 블루윙즈"

Translation:Dragons, Bluewings

October 12, 2017



Hi everyone, does "즈" mean put the words on plural?


No, 즈 is a tranliteration for the /z/ sound in English (which is often how the plural "s" is pronounced).

The actual Korean plural marker is 들 as in 남자들 (Men) or 책들 (Books)


No bro 들 is just used for living things i mean human and animals and so on but other things like book i don't think so


No, ㅈ is translated to z ,so when there's written something with ㅈ it means you have to spell it like a z (sorry for bad English)


Thanks, calbertson1 and BangtansKo, I had the same question, but I never posted it on the forum.


I don't think so It just to give the sound of the "s" which is pronounced like "z"


I pronounced it like in english and it worked


without words 말없이


dragons football club?


Why does dragons use 즈 for the s sound but motors uses 스


when you say "dragons" in english, the "s" sound is more dragged out like a "z". the closest character in hangul for "z" is ㅈ, which is why dragons ends in 즈. however, when you say "motors" in english, the "s" sound is more sharp and sounds exactly like an "s", which is why motors ends in an 스.


Because the sound of "z" written as "ㅈ" in korean and the sound of "s" is written as "ㅅ"


What is the difference between 'l' in Korean and 'r' in Korean, they kinda look the same to me


To be more certained The "ㄹ" sounds between "L" and "R" like pronouncing "L" but from the bottom of your mouth or raising the end of your tonuge when pronouncing and yeah sometimes its pronounced as "L" or "R"


Cuando esta al principio se pronuncia como 'r' y cuando va en la parte de abajo se pronuncia como 'l'


Hey make it more clear and loud


why are they teaching this stuff ? konglish ? i need to learn korean words that arent borrowed :/


Probably to get used to the alphabet and pronunciations. You can focus on reading correctly without worrying as much about meaning and stuff. That's just my guess.


Why are the first words here brand names? When you come to another country, other words are important first of all


(Write this in English) in the Japanese course, here in the tips you can hear the sound of each letter in the word and you can see what letters the word consists of. Not so in Korean. Can you do it by analogy with Japanese?


Are these sports teams or what?


I’m pretty sure they are.


Why would they teach us "bluewings" if it isn't a real word? Is it so we can learn the hangul symbols?


I think it’s probably to help us put the sounds and letters together or something.

This lesson is about loan words. I din’t know why it doesn’t say it on the map. Maybe they ran out of room.

That the lesson is about loan words answers pretty much every question I’ve had so far. XD


it all makes sense now


Thank you! I gave you a lingot along with one other person.


Its just a way to show how litters sounds like and also to know how foreign names and so on are written litterly in korean so ....


Wondering what the first Korean words Duolingo would teach me, sports teams did not come to mind. Also, most of these words seem to be from other languages. (What’s that called, again?) Is there a reason Duo is teaching a lot of these words at the beginning, rather than words that were originally from Korean?


Oh, wait, two of my questions were answered at once. Loan words.


I hate how if you spell it wrong they dont count it


They do that because you need to learn proper English, grammar, spelling, and pronunciation in English before you learn it in a new language.


Whenever I make an understandable spelling error, it corrects it and I get the question right. Sometimes, though, I don't like it when it corrects my spelling when I'm using hangul symbols. I thought that you pronounced the Korean word for "above" as "wi" instead of "we", and Duolingo let me get the question right because the hangul symbols for "wi" and "we" are so similar. Now, out of habit, whenever I'm trying to say the Korean word for "above", I say "wi" instead of "we".


그렇습니다. 한국에 살고 있다는 것이 사실입니다. 그것이 터무니없는 것을 이해합니다. 그러나 그것을 발음하는 북한이나 한국인이 아니라 어쨌든 나는 동의합니다.yes it is true that I live in south korea i understand it is absurd but it is still understandable it is not a north or south korean to pronounce it but a computer anyway i agree


If it's really wrong it would probably get it wrong, but I think it usually catches typso. It is annoying if it is a name you got wrong, though, or if you meant to press backspace and accidentally pressed enter...

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