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  5. "편하게 앉으세요."

"편하게 앉으세요."

Translation:Sit comfortably.

October 12, 2017



Can using 세요 imply "please"? I entered "Please sit comfortably" & was marked wrong.


Yes, mark it as wrong


Actually it is correct. The app just doesnt work that way. Probably because it was entered without 'please' in the first place.


Yes in a way. 세요 is the polite imperative. I had sit down instead of sit and they marked it wrong too


You should notify the team when that happens. Using "please" is definitely a possible translation. In fact, given the over-all politenes of the Korean people, I think it is a better translation with "please" than without. My guess is the team just forgot to include it as an option. There were examples in prior lessons with the same problem. I have made numerous notifications to that effect. Haven't had a chance yet to go back and see if they were implemented.


Why does this remind me of rookie Taetae


Is "Comfortably sit." not an alternate translation?


In English, adverbs of manner usually go at the end of the clause.


What is the verb of the adverb 편하게 ? Is it 편하다 ?


하다 verbs are some of the easiest to work with. You only need to remember the rule for 하다 and that rule applies to anything with 하다 as an ending. 하게 is a drop-in replacement for 하다 in making adverbs.


Why is this one not "I sit comfortably"?


The polite particle -시 (conjugated as 세요 in the 요 form) is never used on yourself, but only to show respect to others.

Just like you would never ask someone to give you something with 드리다 as give. You use 주다 (주세요) instead. 주다 because you don't use such honorifics on yourself, and the polite particle -시 to raise the listener.

And the same goes for 드시다/먹다.

Funny story, I visited a cafe with a friend and she was a bit overwhelmed when the employee asked her "드시고 가세요?" She answered "네 드시고 가요" and was really embarrassed when I told her afterwards. Though she can laugh about it now haha. If only you guys could've seen the expression on the employee's face, it was priceless!


Comfortably sit-acceptable


Every time I get this question I sit up in my chair and try to fix my posture lol


편안하게 앉으세요 ~ Make yourself comfortable (in the seat)

편안히 앉으세요 = sit down comfortably (in a relaxed way)


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