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Korean Course for English speakers now available for desktop users

Thank you to the team for all your hard work. Many of us have been anticipating the course for a long time, and now look forward to enjoying the fruits of your countless hours of commitment. Comments by Android users indicate the team has been very responsive to identified problems and suggestions for improvment. Kudos for your attitude to treat the course as a continuing "work in process." I am by no means fluent, but have a Korean spouse and have studied the language off and on over nearly 50 years, so am hoping to contribute in some small way with suggestions. Rather than "testing out" I started with the alphabet, as I am very interested in teaching methods, and though I have just started level 2, wanted to share my observations to this point. Though a small point, it would seem more appropriate to label the first section "vowels" rather than "alphabet"--or possibly "alphabet-vowels" I think it is unfortunate that users are required to transcribe Korean sounds with Roman letters, but admit to not knowing a better method for use with the DL format. I support the opinion exressed by others in previous Forums, that it is probably better to learn the alphabet prior to starting the course. (There are several good Youtube sources) I would have preferred to offer "corrections/ suggsstions" on the lesson pages, but there is no provision for comments or a means of calling attention to the problems I perceive. The only option I found was relative to the sound.

Following is a list of issues I think should be addressed: if 으 is to be transcribed "eu", it seems that 의 should be "eui" rather than "ui";

if 외 is not "oi", then why is 최 "choi"?

There are several instances of pronunciation that is not quite right-- 와 (recording does not produce a pure 아 --more like 애

다 (again not a pure 아-- my guess is the reording was not made by a native Korean speaker, as our English-speaking minds tend toward a "short a" sound when we see the letter "a")

도 (pure 오 sound is not produced)

루 (recording is closer to a 으)

Finally, it was boring and frustrating to be asked to spell norae 5 times. A few different examples would have been more productive.

I'm not sure this forum is the most appropriate way to present suggestions, and would be happy if you would present an alternative. Please keep in mind that I and many others are thankful for your efforts and hoping you will stay at it.

October 12, 2017

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well i would like to type in hangul like i do in the russian course in kyrillic. i hope it will be implemented in the future...

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