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  5. "To neprodáváme."

"To neprodáváme."

Translation:We do not sell that.

October 12, 2017



Isn't the "To" / "that" the object of the verb? Shouldn't the sentence be "neprodáváme (ho/je/jej)", since this in accusative case?


The accusative of "to" is "to". The accusative of "ono" (the neuter form of on/ona/ono=he/she/it) is "ho", "je", "jej".


So does "neprodáváme ho" not work for this sentence? Since that would still be "it", or am I mistranslating it?


Yes, you are correct. In the other direction we do not accept "ho", that would be "it" (something more specific mentioned before). It is quite subtle and could be adjusted in the future.


So if I'm getting this correctly, if two people are talking about a car like, "Do you sell this car?" and the reply would be "We do not sell it." then "neprodáváme ho" would be the apt translation, otherwise it should be "neprodáváme to.". Would this be correct? Thank you very much for your help.



Prodáváte tohle auto? Neprodáváme ho. (Do you sell this car? We do not sell it.)

Prodáváte něco takového? Neprodáváme to. (Do you sell something like that? No, we do not sell that.)

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