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  5. "Ця актриса має руде волосся."

"Ця актриса має руде волосся."

Translation:This actress has red hair.

October 12, 2017



Why is red hair called "руде" instead of "червоне"? Is there an interesting history behind it?


The question should be the other way around: why "red hair" is called "red" and not "orange" in English :) There's a nice story about it from the times where people didn't have many words for different colours (e.g. for purple and orange, and way back in the past even for yellow).

Рудий is the name of just... that colour. Other things that can be рудий are, for example, leaves, rust and bricks.


Excellent answer. Can you tell me why the same word is used for violet and purple "фіолетовий?"


I don't think there is a story behind it (although you never know), it's similar to how you don't say that somebody's hair is light-yellow or white in English, you'd say they are blonde.

Or in French they have rouge for red, but roux for red hair (or for a ginger).


Руде and not Руда. Yet the sentence is female?.


Volossya is a gender neutral word. I don't know why, I'm guessing its an irregular form.


In general, words ending in "я" are feminine, but words ending in "сся" are neuter.


I hadn't seen that pattern yet, I now have something solid to pay attention to. Thank you.

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