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"Brother, where are you going?"

Translation:형, 어디 가?

October 12, 2017



It's really frustrating that this course can't decide which version of brother is acceptable.


Their are different forms of brother depending on who is talking to who. Acceptability depends on context.


There isn't really any context here


jeontaegiseok may be referring to another question in this module which is exactly the same in English but translates to:

형님 어디 가세요?

That isn't accepted here.

See here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25304153


Not sure if this helps but on the off chance you don't alreadyknow...There are lots of different words for brother depending on the age and gender of the person speaking. This course doesn't really explain this well and having a female voice read this sentence is really misleading since 형 is only used by males to older males.


Why is "형, 어디에 가요?" wrong?


It should be right.


Was it marked wrong?


Shouldn't it have 요 (or another honoriffic) on the end if you are talking to someone older? Thats why i assumed it was younger brother.


형 or 형님 always refers to an older brother, but i don't know why the 요 isn't there


This is about using "반말" (casual, familiar language) with a mate (close friend) who might be older than you.

This is fine as long as:

(1) you have his consent and

(2) you address him as 형 (/오빠) when talking, instead of 너.


Why can't 오빠 work here?


• '어디가?' is often interpreted as the opposite spectrum of the honorific '어디가세요?'.

So as '어디가세요?' implies politeness and respect, '어디가?' is often misrepresented as "lack of politeness and respect".

In fact, the 'low (respect)' form could be used to show great familiarity (e.g. between siblings or very close friends of the same age group)

"어디가?" can be used to mean:

"Where going?" (Colloquial form of "Where are you going?") or

How's thing going? (= How are you?)

• Brother/Bro, 형/브로 (konglish) do not necessarily imply kinship. These terms are used amongst male friends especially when they are close mates.


오빠 어디에 가요? should also be accepted


It would be really helpful if a male voice read this. It would solve part of the context problem mentioned above.


@duolingo: I reiterate the question above, why are the forms 가요 and 갑니까 not accepted?


bro am i supposed to be a female or a male


In the earlier lesson, you made this one word. Now, apparently, it's only correct if it's two.


"어디 가요?!" high-pitched scream

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