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"Wir nutzen die grüne Kleidung."

Translation:We use the green clothes.

March 13, 2013



Differences between Nuzten and Benutzen?


Why is "nutzen" suddenly not "use"?


"Use" is also accepted.


Could this also mean recycled clothing or is it strictly the literal colour?

[deactivated user]

    Good question, maybe a native speaker will enlighten us?


    No, it just means the colour


    Or maybe green as in produced in some other environmentally friendly fashion?


    Warum nicht "die grunen kleidung"? I thought that when you have die with a plural and an adjective, there is some kind of inflection that makes the adjective have en on the end.


    It depends on the combination with or without an article. Here is an overview:



    Still didn't get it. Can you explain more?


    Nouns that end in -ung are always feminine. The word is not plural but singular because it is an uncountable noun like "clothing".

    The subject is wir and the thing that is used is the clothing. Therefore "Kleidung" is in accusative. There is a definite article "die" so you have to look at Weak declension. So it is Weak declension, accusative and feminine, therefore the adjective should be "grüne".

    I gave the table as I think it is useful to think about different situations but I should have explained that the noun is not plural.


    Thank you for the prompt reply :)


    Is Kleidung ever used for 'dress'? I got dinged for 'We use the green dresses.' Should it have been singular 'dress', if at all? May 24, 2015


    Kleidung is clothes. Das Kleid / die Kleider is dress. Different words here.


    I agree it needs to be accepted, though I'm no native. Reported it (02-Jun-2015).


    I translated nutzen as make use of. It didn't accept it. It showed tge correct answer as 'we are use the green clothes'. Wtf? !

    [deactivated user]

      Does this sentence mean anything in German, i.e. is there a context to say this?


      Maybe the context is someone explaining a hospital's policies for what is worn in the operating theatre, as opposed to blue scrubs/clothes?

      There are arguments about green, as it is opposite red on the colour wheel, being more suitable for surgical operating clothes, than blue.


      Will it be in different meaning if we say "Wir benutzen die grüne Kleidung."?


      July 13, 2017 - It seems to me that benutzen would even be the better choice for this sentence, because the object (die grüne Kleidung) is a material object. I think you would be understood, regardless. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110329050133AAMQnT0


      we are use the green clothing? oh duolingo.....wo läuft die grammatik


      Grove street 4 life


      I thought use and are using are interchangeable. What happened.


      "We use the green dress." marked as wrong, while suggesting "we use the green wear."


      Sometimes I just don't hear her well. And I don't like to depend on the clues. What I heard was "Benutzen die bunde kleidung." Which would sort of mean "use the colorful clothing," and that sounded reasonable. I think she speaks too fast. That's, of course, avoidable by choosing the slower option, but I'm trying to train my ear to hear. It's not working out so well....LOL


      The Owl did not like "We are wearing the green clothes". What does one do with clothes other than wear them? I imagined hospital workers wearing green scrubs. More likely than bridesmaids or perhaps elves. ;)

      [deactivated user]

        ... To build a fire.

        ... To mop the floor.

        ... To block the draught.

        And whatever strikes your fancy.

        [deactivated user]

          No, not at all, that would be the red clothing!

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