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New to speaking/learning French

My name is Fiona. I am very new to this language, and because I'm new I make lots of mistakes. Sometimes I get so mad and frustrated, I just wish I didn't turn on my Laptop. I need to find a way to calm myself down. Can someone tell me a way to calm my self down from other than taking deep breaths and counting to ten? Please leave a Comment down below? Thanks in advance!

<pre> Fiona2313 </pre>
October 12, 2017



Take breaks, and understand the larger perspective that exposure will help you better understand the words down the road. I am doing the French course from Spanish and Portuguese, and there are a lot of annoying resulting errors. My thought is to take a break and do something else. Part of language learning is knowing when one hits their limit of what they can absorb, and for me I go do something else. However, I know that exposure now will help me better remember the words down the road. The errors are annoying though, I concur.


Hi! I agree with you!


well everyone makes mistakes, think about that ;)

I'm a native french speaker even I mess up sometimes (if that makes you feel better)

You should just keep trying and you can always take a small break and come back later, that's what I do sometimes ;)


Make sure you read over and over the directions for grammar rules at the bottom of each lesson. I am a man in my 80's . I am learning French because I heard that learning a language can help delay Alzeimers. I lived in Germany for 1 year and just learned "pigeon German" . This was many years ago. I also had 2 years spanish in high school and 2 years in college but never visited a Spanish speaking country. We actually read Don Quijote in college. I must have looked up a thousand words. Learning a language is a life long task.

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