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Korean pronunciation rule(s)?

Hello everybody! i just started Korean the other day and so far am loving it. however, i have never really learned any Asian language, so this is very difficult for me, and I am having trouble with one thing: do i pronounce every letter in a word? do some letters become silent because of a rule? thanks for your answers in advance!!

October 12, 2017



It explains this in the Extra stuff under neath the lesson in Alphabet 1.


Korean and Hebrew are definitely the hardest languages I am learning, and if there is a rule I wouldn't be suprised. Here is a wikibooks page that I found with Korean Pronunciation rules.


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The only real letter that is silent in the Korean alphabet is ㅇ, but only if it is in the initial consonant position (the consonant that goes in front of the vowel). For example, 아 would just be pronounced as "a" as in "father". This rule changes if ㅇ is in the final consonant position (the consonant that appears at the bottom of a syllabary block). In this case, it would be pronounced roughly as "ng", comparable to what you would hear at the end of the English word "going". For instance, 망 would be pronounced as "mang", due to ㅇ being in consonant final position. Here's a final example to summarize both rules in one character: 앙. In this case, we have ㅇ in consonant initial and final positons, so you would not pronounce the first ㅇ, pronounce the ㅏ, and then finally pronunce the sound for ㅇ in consonant final position, "ng". If you did it right, you would say something like "ang". Hope this helps!


Korean pronunciation is much more regular than English. The vowels are consistent, though somewhat different in the "combination" vowels which might be called dipthongs-- 와, 외, 워, 위, 의 etc. The consonants are regular, except for often the ending sound of a syllable morphs into the sound of the beginning consonant in the following syllable. Also, an ending consonant sound is not "released" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MvrKJrSync

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