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  5. "Hören Sie auf!"

"Hören Sie auf!"

Translation:Stop it!

October 12, 2017



Ok, I am still trying to sort this one out myself: Aufhören (to stop an action) is a different verb than Hören (to hear/listen). It's a answer, but not a good explanation.



Thanks for posting Emanuel's blog on aufhören. After reading it i wonder if DL's use is correct. Emmanuel says that the verb is used with regards to an action which you have control; not someone else. Si to command someone else to stop would aufhören be the correct verb to use.


You are right its a seperable word and when use in past you put the first part at tye end of the sentence I guess its right


I am extremely frustrated with Duo Lingo. The unit is on prepositions not separable verbs. I understand that prepositions are a part of separable verbs but it reslly is a different concept. Out of nowhere comes aufhören. No context no explanation. This is really bad teaching practice.


Yeah I am counting it as pure incompetence from the course creators. Why is there not a separate section on separatw verbs? Very confusing.


Why is "Stop!" marked wrongly and "Stop it" the correct answer? I have ideas, but I am not sure about it. All help appreciated!


I guessed " they are cheering us on" how close was I!


Is this more common than stoppen, halten, or (be)enden?


Listen up not stop


No. Aufhören means to stop (doing) something.


Does Horen sie auf,mean listen ?


The link from Icarus02 to daily German says that aufhören is to stop a action that you yourself are doing. So does this only mean I am telling myself to stop and this is not a general stop it command?


This is why this app is a fail. Translate this, speak that...oh got something wrong? Too bad. No teaching, no context, no why, no explanation why something is or is not used.

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