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  5. "그 텔레비전은 사라져요."

" 텔레비전은 사라져요."

Translation:That television disappears.

October 13, 2017



Gosh darn it! I hate it when it disappears!


TOTALLY not stolen, nah, it just disapeared XD


가람 님, 어디에 텔레비전은 있습니까?


Ahh I knew it, it's always 가람 님


question: where would we use 사라져요 in day to day conversation?

and if we learn that word, what about something "appearing"? what if the tv appears again?


appearing is 나타나요 or 생기다 from 나타나다/생기다 so, if the TV appears again, we can say '텔레비전이 다시 나타나요/생겨요'


meaning... it turns off randomly? or it just mysteriously disappears by magic?


A magician needed it for a trick, he didn't make it re-appear though.


Yeah.... my tv does that from time to time.....


yeah we all got disappearing televisions


Should it not be 텔레비전을 instead of 텔레비전은 because of the verb acting on it?


은 is used as particle for subject while 을 is used for the object of the sentence. As in 텔레비전은 사라져요 the subject is the television which dissappears, the 텔레비전 is added with 은 instead of 을.


Ah, I see. So if the word in the sentence is both the subject and the object, then you just treat it as the subject. Got it. Thanks


The tv is not the object in this sentence because the tv is the one doing the act of disappearing. If the sentence were, for example, "I get rid of the television", or "I disappear the television" (although you wouldn't say that because disappear can't take an object), then the tv would be the object because I am the subject doing something to the tv.


Great explanation. Yes, I posted this question many months ago. Thankfully my grasp of particles has improved since then. However, you've shone a light on this from a different perspective for me and I'm now realising why I was confused back then: I was mistaking literal objects for grammatical objects. i.e. Physically speaking, a television is an object, but grammatically speaking, it's only an object if there is someone or something else to treat it as such.

Thanks again.


Can someone please tell me why 은 is used here instead of 이? I always get confused about this lol.


People in brazil be just like this

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