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Notifications Are Back (I think!) edit: (maybe not!)

I just got my first notification in a week! Thanks to the Duolingo Team for fixing this bug. Hopefully we'll be all getting notifications for everything, or customizable bell notifs would be nice. Have you guys gotten notifs yet?

Edit: I'm still a little annoyed they haven't fixed that you get sent to a 404 page when you post something, and then it takes a couple refreshes for your post to load.

Double Edit: Whoops, I only seem to be getting "_ has added you as a friend" notifications, nothing else. False alarm, sorry.

October 13, 2017



Can you please reply to my comment to see if I have them back?


yep (i hope they're back for you too!)

edit: interesting... I haven't gotten the notif for this reply yet... idk(how!) if i ever will, maybe because the only notif i got was for someone following me


No, they're not, but I'll probably get them soon. Thank you very much!


what kinds of notifications ??


I got a notification that someone followed me, but that's the only type of notification I got.


if someone replies to your post, it used to send a notification to you, but no longer.


Do you think it's a bug or a feature? Given the direction in which Duolingo has been heading, I fear this might a part of the concerted effort to render discussion forums useless and eventually kill them. They have already killed the activity stream, which used to be an extremely useful feature associated with these forums, so why not do away with the forums altogether?


I'm still getting email notifications.

I noticed tonight that posting on a discussion doesn't automatically activate "Follow Discussion", you have to do it manually.

When I went to my "Followed" page on the website, not all of the discussions are listed - the most recent are missing.

As a newbie I hope the discussion forums will continue - they are a great aid to my learning.


The email notifications are different: I receive those whenever anyone posts in the forums which I follow. The notifications under the bell icon on the right (at least in the browser version) used to alert me whenever someone would reply to my posts. E.g., if this feature still worked, I would see that you have responded to my post (I haven't!). This is a far more useful feature than being alerted by email that someone has posted in this forum for two reasons: over several years on Duolingo, I have followed too many discussions, and each morning I receive a gazillion email alerts. As you may guess, most of them are not replies to my questions or follow-up questions addressed to me. and so are of much more limited interest to me. Checking all of them is simply too time-consuming.

The sad thing is that every single "improvement" of the Duolingo platform appears to be a significant step backward...


I understand the difference between the bell and email notifications - and I like having the system as it is. Deleting email notifications about discussions in which one is no longer interested is no more onerous that deleting the "you're killing it" auto-generated emails. Alternatively, one could could follw the link to the discussion and unfollow....

I was just commenting that the email notification system is working whereas the bell system - at least for forum posts - is not.

Mywnhauwch! :o)

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