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100 Day Streak: A Reflection


Today marks my 100 day streak, my longest streak on Duolingo. I thought that, in celebration, I will give you a reflection of my time on Duolingo.

I have frequented Duolingo since July of 2015, beginning to learn French on the app. I didn't get very far and at the beginning I found it hard to keep even a three day streak. And then, for some reason, I left Duolingo for much of 2016.

I came back to Duolingo earlier this year to learn German. Then soon, other languages seemed to attract me: Welsh, Swedish, Italian, Russian... they all caught my eye, and I began learning them. It has been a long journey, it seems, since the beginning of the year, and it was only around June that I began to get more serious with my language learning studies. I got a 20-something day streak, and then because of a camping trip, I lost my streak. I began to build it back though, and I have kept that streak till now.

Only recently have I started learning all the available languages on Duolingo, plus Chinese, Finnish, Latin, Greenlandic, Arabic, and Icelandic on Memrise. I am still far from being fluent in any of the languages, but it is the beginning of my language learning journey, and Duolingo seems to be a great starting point. My first 100 days? Check.

What is your reflection on your time on Duolingo?

October 13, 2017



Oh boy. A little over 4 years I've been on this website, and a lot has changed, both in what I think of languages and in my life. It seems the only thing that's stayed the same is my profile picture. :)

When I started the app, I hated learning languages because the only interaction I had with it before was in Spanish class, which was the reason I started using Duo. (I was doing badly in Spanish class and needed the help...) From then on, I realized that I was looking at languages wrong. I was looking at them from the viewpoint of being a difficult class that I wanted to get at least a B in. They became ways to interact with the world, a way to see the world in a way I'd never done before, and a way to dream beyond the small town I was raised in. Now, when I study Spanish, I imagine what it would be like to go on a trip in Spain, or how many people speak the language. When I study French, I think of the beauty of the language. When I study Japanese, I imagine myself using the language to navigate my way through おさか or きようと, which I've daydreamed about for years.

Duo changed the way I see languages. So hey, thanks for that, DuoOwl.

To the op, congrats on the streak.


I haven't realized how many languages are there on Duolingo untill now. I guess you tried them all. :) Congratulations!


Congratulations. :)

I have been a Duolingo user on and off since the private beta in 2011. I keep forgetting my account details during my life hiatuses, so this is the latest iteration. :) I've completed six of the courses (several multiple times), and dabbled in a few others. I tried a lot of other sites and programs before Duolingo, but I would say here is where I realized I really loved language itself, and wanted to know as much as I could. I'm back to refresh my French and have some semi-structured lessons in Korean.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I really like reading discussions like this.

My own experience was one of adjusting my expectations. I know I'd like to be fluent. But, that likely won't happen for personal reasons. But, I still really love studying languages and learning about them. So, I've continued to do lessons and interacting with our community in the forums. This place feels like it's becoming part of what I associate with "home".

I'm really glad you came back after leaving and decided to dive in. :)


This place feels like it's becoming part of what I associate with "home".

Exactly. The community is so welcoming, and those few people who try to help make Duolingo feel warm are really great. I just want to give a shoutout to you (Usagiboy7), lindakanga, Woof., Deliciae, WaterPolyglot, MasterZsword, garpike, Patrick.Phang, Lrtward, jrikhal, and many more for making this place feel like home. There's a reason I come back here every day, and some of the time, it's not just for learning language.

I'm really glad you came back after leaving and decided to dive in. :)

I'm glad, too. There's a whole different aspect of language learning that I hadn't experienced during the time when I first began to learn French with Duo. There's something much richer, but you just have to dig deeper beneath the surface.



>There's a whole different aspect of language learning that I hadn't experienced during the time when I first began to learn French with Duo. There's something much richer, but you just have to dig deeper beneath the surface.

I wonder if maybe it is what I experienced too? I feel like I have relaxed more towards learning language. I'm not getting so overwhelmed by having to learn it perfectly. If there is something I don't understand right now and I go look for an answer and either it doesn't stick or I don't fully understand the answer I find, I'm not getting hung up on it the same way I used to. Instead, I study it for a bit and then move forward. I trust I will have more encounters with it so I can work on it again later. Also, I trust that if I keep working with the other things, they will help provide more context for that stuck bit to sit in, making it more understandable. Building familiarity has become an important concept to me. Memorizing is one thing. But, when I memorize something, I feel like I put it in a file, when recalling I have to go back and pull it out of the file. Once I'm good and familiar with something, it might pop out of my mouth before I even realize it. At some points, I've even paused with a friend and been like "wait, was that right? I don't even recall (can't call up the file) but it felt right just now." (In part, it is possibly because I'm very visual. So, often I see the word in my memory, then I recall the definition, again, in part visually, like I've written it down in my memory, though not always word for word. So, things really can go missing for me when all I can see is a blank!)

Anyhow, yeah, I've definitely had a shift in my language learning experience. And, it feels much better. :)


Félicitations pour votre persévérance, bonne continuation!


Gut gemacht!!!



I've been here about a month, i ymarfer fy nghymraeg i, and refresh my Italian and German. Found a few others to learn and decided six is enough at one time. I want to learn Arabic and refresh my LAtin too....


I just joined 11 days ago and I have been on a german streak ever since, I had always wanted to learn german and now that I have such an awesome free resource I will be learning more and more every day. I certainly respect your ambition, I'm interested in learning many languages myself some of which aren't even on duolingo yet (Latin), but trying studying so many languages at once is a tremendous task to undertake. For now I think I will stick to German and Japanese.


Congratulations :)


Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave you some lingots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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