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Chrome keeps blocking whatever is to the right of main content.

The part to the right of the main content, nothing loads. It's just blank. I remember the owl used to be there and some other things off to the right. I looked in the console and it keeps showing this error: Failed to load resource: net: :ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT Ive added Duo to my list of trusted sites... I'm not sure what else to do. I can still seem to do my lessons but I feel like Im not getting the full experience of the site lol because whatever's to the right doesnt load... Thanks in advance.

October 13, 2017



Sometimes ads are put on that side of the screen. Have you tried turning off adblocker, if you have it?


Hi, I'm not a tech so my suggestions will be very limited.

First of all, try updating your browser. If that doesn't work, try the next suggestion:

If you have any browser extensions or userscripts, it is possible those are interfering with Duolingo. Try disabling them all at once and refreshing the Duolingo page, and see if that helps. If it did, try turning them all on and then turning them off one at a time, refreshing Duolingo in between, to try to locate which one was causing the problem.

If none of those things is causing a problem and no one else is able to figure out what is causing the problem, if you can, use Duolingo in a different browser for a while.

Good luck!


Little_Tatws is correct. It's mostly ads at the right of the screen these days.


I use Firefox with adblocker enabled. I see no adverts but do see the owl, and my XP graph. When I started, I used Chrome on a library computer and yes there were adverts as well as owls....

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