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Translation of kriege

the sentence has" kriege" translated as war, but it is not capitalized so surely it should be" get". so the translation of "Jetzt kriege ich hunger" would not be "Now I am fighting Hunger" but "Now I get hungry"

June 28, 2012



@pameintiger: If the sentence was "Jetzt kriege ich Hunger", you're absolutely right. In this sentence, "kriegen" means the same as "bekommen", so the translation "to get" is correct. "Kriegen" is just a more colloquial word for "bekommen". Yes, there is or rather was also another verb called "kriegen", which meant "to be at war with someone" or "to fight", but it's dated (the modern form is "(sich) bekriegen" or "Krieg f├╝hren") and in any case it doesn't fit in this context. And, also unrelated, there is the noun "der Krieg, Pl. die Kriege" (the war/the wars). Again, it has nothing to do with the sentence you quoted.

Edit: See here if you don't believe me :) http://www.dict.cc/?s=to+get+hungry

By the way, now I'm really curious: where did you come across this sentence and its translation? In one of the lessons?


Katherle, it came from Real german from the web. Curiousities - Bloody Human Flesh Protest against meat

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