"Jejich jména byla v desátém dopisu."

Translation:Their names were in the tenth letter.

October 13, 2017



I don't know how or where else to report about such a problem, so I'll write it here. While studying this new topic, I had to complete the same tasks twice or even thrice. Was is established intentionally? After all annoying hurdles like "only continious here instead of present", "only our order of words is acceptable here" and etc. it doesn't add enthusiasm to continue learning the course, really.

February 13, 2018


I don't get why this is "byla" here. The noun is plural, so why not "byly"?

October 27, 2017


Because it is neuter.

Singular - jméno bylo (to jméno), plural - jména byla (ta jména). F.e. it is the same with the word auto (car) - auto bylo / auta byla.

November 10, 2017


Is auta byla a formal form? Isn't auta bily also correct?

February 10, 2019


byly for neuter plural is used in Common Czech, but not is Standard Czech.

February 11, 2019


Thank you.

February 11, 2019


Auta is neuter plural, so the correct verb phrase would be auta byla. See for example this link (click Conjugation if the table isn't visible): https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/b%C3%BDt

February 11, 2019


Tvar "V dopisu" je sice přípustný, ale mnohem častěji se používá vazba "V dopise". Ten první poněkud tahá za uši. Není to výtka, jen doplnění.

October 13, 2017
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