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"I can't listen to this any more."

Translation:Já už to nemůžu poslouchat.

October 13, 2017



"nemohu to uz poslouchat" should be accepted.


When I started learning Czech modal words, I got the impression Mohu was used like "May I" in English and Můžu would be "Can I". But Czech muddies the water with Umim (Able to) which is like our "I can". It seems Mohu and Můžu are used interchangeably in Czech. Is that correct?


"I may " - smím (I am allowed to do it)

"I Can". - můžu/mohu (The difference is that můžu is a bit more informal. If somebody writes a book (technical or the specializations) or speaks on tv s/he will use mohu. But among friends you will use můžu)

"I am able" (Literal translation is "jsem schopný/á" - which means that i have enough knowledges or power or ability to do it. So "I can" do it.

"Umim" - i learned something and now i can do it.. For example "Umím anglicky." - I can speak english.

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