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  5. "Kdo má tu hrušku?"

"Kdo tu hrušku?"

Translation:Who has that pear?

October 13, 2017



In this case I think I would translate this as "Who has the pear?" because, although "ta hruška" means "the pear, that pear" being both interchangeable, in this case it doesn't makes too much sense to ask for "that pear", because it sounds like your pointing to "that pear" placed there. Is it right? Or I missed something?


My comment was the same as yours. I thought it could be taken two ways.


Bot "the" and "that" are accepted.


So the demonstrative pronoun changes depending on the case? I was thinking it would be TA hrušku.


Yes, the demonstrative changes based on gender, number, and case. In the nominative case, it would be ta hruška if hruška were the subject of the sentence. But since hruška is the direct object in this sentence, we need the accusative case... and that gives us tu hrušku.


It does chnge, see the Tips and notes.


So it's 'tu' not 'ta' because hrušku is in the accusative?


yes, and already discussed here.


When do you use hruska and when do you usehrusku?


Please see my reply to BriannaTur103748. It describes the change in the noun as well as the change in the adjective. Also, VladaFu's reply to the same question suggests reading the Tips and Notes, which are very helpful. Always read the existing discussion before posting.


Why is 'Who has THIS pear?' not accepted as a correct answer?


this pear = tuto hrušku, tuhle hrušku, tuhletu hrušku


‘Whose is that pear’ sounds better. I’ve never heard anyone use the phrase ‘who has that ...’


Maybe it sounds better, but it is not the same sentence. ‘Whose is that pear’ - is "Čí je ta hruška."


'Whose is that pear' sounds strange in English


I thought exactly the same, I had to ask a native speaker to explain this. It doesn't actually mean "Whose is that". There is a specific pear the speaker wants, which someone has. So, "Who has that pear" is actually accurate.


"Whose is that pear" in English is incorrect. "Who has the pear" or "Whose pear is that" is correct depending on if they are asking "who has the pear" or "who does that pear belong to."

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