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Recommended change to interface: Consistent ordering for multiple choice

A change on the website a while back has made it so that multiple choice answers are ordered horizontally as well as vertically. When there are two options they look like:

1 2

When there are three or more they're:

1 3

2 4?

I strongly recommend that this be changed so that it's either:




1 3

2 4,

or else:

1 2


1 2

3 4

Why? I use the website rather than the app unless I'm traveling, since I prefer to type answers on the keyboard. I use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible, so that I can give answers quickly during timed practice.

The current system means that which shortcut (2 or 3) corresponds to which response (upper right or lower left) changes from question to question. It means I'm constantly stumbling and having to catch myself from hitting the wrong key even when I know the right answer. It pulls me out of the lesson and forces me to consciously think about the interface, instead of having all my attention focused on the questions and answers.

I don't see any benefit to the current system (although maybe people will surprise me in responses), but there's a clear benefit to changing it.

October 13, 2017



I've also noticed this and for the same reason it bothers me. I would prefer across then down:

1 2

3 4

as every other instance I see of number ordering runs this way, which is probably why the down then across seems so alien.


I up-voted.


Lessons Userstyle to get some things of the old look back: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938

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