Hello everyone :)

I really wish to be a polyglot in future. I wanted to know is there any polyglots in here?

If you're not a polyglot and you want to be in future, what languages are you going to speak?

October 13, 2017


I don't consider myself a polyglot yet, but I'll get there. Almost everyone on my mom's side of my family is a polyglot because most of them live in the Philippines. Over there, school instruction is in both Tagalog/Filipino and English, and many industries require workers to be fluent in both. My family is from an area where Bisaya/Cebuano is the regional language, so they have to speak at least three languages just to get by.

English is my native language. I'm at a high intermediate level in Spanish, meaning that I can understand almost everything that I hear and read, but I'm still a slow speaker and I make some mistakes, though native speakers can understand me well. I want to get to the point where Spanish comes naturally to me with few to no errors within the next year or two. I want to speak and understand Tagalog at the level where I currently am in Spanish within the next five or so years. Once I've gotten there, I might try to learn a little bit of Bisaya, but there are next to no resources for it so realistically I won't get very far. Right now I can read Portuguese fairly fluently and I'm fine with staying at that point. I'm just under that level in Italian and I'm a beginner in French, and I'd like to gradually improve to the point where I can read those both fluently but they're low priority.

What is a plyglot?

A person who speaks many languages. It's "polyglot," not "plyglot."

I think this may have been a more thought provoking intention type question :P like a response along the lines of what is your definition of polyglot :P

A plyglot would be someone who can fold their tongue, I think. Level A2 would be without using your fingers.

i want to be a polyglot, I want to be fluent in Russian, German, and French, although my girlfriend tells me if we get married she'll make me learn Spanish XD. what about you?

I'm a wannabe hyperpolyglot. So far I speak English, Spanish and Chinese fluently, so that's good I guess. I want to learn Russian, Esperanto, Circassian (Kabardian), Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, German, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål, Greek, Welsh, Hebrew, Japanese, Catalan, Danish, Italian, French, Arabic (MSA+Egyptian), Croatian, Serbian, Kazakh, Ossetic, Uzbek, Uyghur, Turkmen, Tatar, Chuvash, Tajik, Abkhaz (maybe) and a few others.

omg O,O This is too much, you must be a super hero to be fluent in all of them :D

I tried to just read them but there are many languages I can't even know them !

good luck super hero :D

That depends on what you mean by polyglot. I can speak Swedish and English well and German at a usable level. I understand Danish and Norwegian. I know a smattering of French and Japanese.

I am fluent in: English.

I want to be fluent in: Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, German, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, Tagalog, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Catalan, Corsican, Marathi, Haitian Creole, Afrikaans, Guarani, Danish, Vietnamese, Swahili, Indonesian, Zulu, Farsi (Persian), Finnish, Thai, Navajo, Taiwanese, Slovak, and I'll stop so I don't clog the forums.

What I'll likely be fluent in: Spanish.

I would say English, French, Japanese and Cantonese.

I'm working on Russian, Japanese (to a native level), French (already have a pretty good level at it but not as good as Japanese), Mandarin, Korean, Italian, German and, at some point, Arabic.

Sofia !! It's a long time since our last meeting, How're you little princess :)

ammm What I was saying ? O yes, about polyglot.

the way still so long, but I really want to be a polyglot.

maybe I'll be in some day :)

I think that is determined on how you coin a polyglot because I can say quite a bit in many languages but that doesn't mean I can hold conversations in those languages. polyglots are people who know or use languages by definition but the definition does not denote fluency anyone who is actively studying more than one other language than their native that can say things in said languages would therefore be considered a polyglot.... labels are labels I personally believe anyone with a passion for languages that is actively learning is considered a polyglot :) btw to answer your question I am a guest to a polyglot conference in march but am mostly monolingual... I can comfortably converse in a b1 level in ASL, Czech, and Spanish but I am by no means fluent and often tend to neglect diacritics when I write :P

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