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Benefits of Learning a Language

So learning a language is good in many ways. It helps you communicate with people that speak another language and helps you learn the culture of another country. But what are other benefits of using Duolingo? How does it help with brain power and your future?

October 13, 2017



Hello, I've read somewhere that learning a foreign language decreases the risk of having brain diseases like Alzheimer, dementia, etc. Since I started learning foreign languages I have the feeling that I remember better things. For example I can see a word just one time and still remember it the next week.


Using a second language protects you, up to a point from getting Alzheimer, not just learning it.


It can increase your confidence. Confidence makes you awesome. Therefore, it makes you awesome.


I think another language expands your limits. It fires off neurons in your brain that enrich the whole brain. And provides another tool for communication. And in the case of DL....we can give away Lingots for comments we like.


Hint... Hint... :)


Personally, I think learning different languages can give way to a new way of thinking. Every language has a new system of structure and principle; that's why I'm trying to learn French! A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one


I think the most important benefit is that it helps you understand how other people think. If we understand one another better, there will be fewer disputes and, I hope, fewer wars.

Reading literature in another language gives a layer of meaning that even the best translation can't quite catch. Being bilingual is said to help recovery from strokes, as it keep the brain's architecture plastic.


It can help you have more opportunities for success


The main benefits are increased social circles, possible job opportunities and if the language is around you enough you can have some fun overhearing insults etc. Be careful with the studies that claim languages make you better at multi-tasking or more intelligent. They likely haven't taken into account that a certain level of intelligence is required anyway for learning a language. I also know some bilingual people who are terrible multi-taskers, while me, who was a monolingual at the time, was very good at it. I don't think this skill has changed much since I started learning French.

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