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"I give to the boy a red backpack."

Translation:Îi dau băiatului un ghiozdan roșu.

11 months ago



Word placement: i had it all right, except i put 'baiatului" at the end of the sentence. Duolingo didn't accept. Is that always wrong?

11 months ago

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Your sentence is fine.
I think it boils down to how strict or subtle Duolingo wants to be with this type of sentences:

  • I give the boy a backpack. = Eu îi dau băiatului un rucsac.
  • I give a backpack to the boy. = Eu îi dau un rucsac băiatului.

Some will say that the two translations above are different and must be kept separate, others will say that they all mean the same and should thus be interchangeable. You can either try to match the word order when encountering such sentences, or report the issue.

11 months ago