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The Desktop has its fair share of confusion

For one I love the tips and notes but Japanese is lacking some tips and notes that should be there from the beginning but its in beta so i digress

However the way it introduces words to me is confusing it'll show you ごはん which is rice and you'll use it from the beginning of the lesson then at the main end it'll actually try to introduce the word for the first time. Its a very minor gripe but I believe that the structure that the sentences you are supposed to translate are in a mixed order

It also introduced the Kanji for fish 魚 before it even taught me the word for fish, it also was a guessed answer I am currently studying Japanese and I hoped Duolingo would be a nice fun activity alongside actual lessons but it really isn't

October 13, 2017



You seem to accept it is in beta but then seem to ignore the fact when describing the problems. You can report problems in beta courses but the development team probably have lots of other problems so some problems may have to be put on the back burner until they have more time.


I don't know how to report problems. The "Report" button on the lessons is only multiple choice, it doesn't have a box for open-ended feedback.

Then there's the bug report form, which, for all I know, is just screaming into the void...I don't receive a confirmation email and I have no way of knowing if any of my bug reports have ever gone through or been received...it would be more reassuring (and would encourage me to submit more reports) if I were given a confirmation as I am with virtually all other websites I use.

And then there are the forums, where most of the things I post receive no replies.

I'd love to help and contribute to improving the course, and I think I'd have a lot to offer because I am experienced with DuoLingo and also know a fair amount of Japanese already (from having made significant progress doing the "reverse course") but it's like, there's no real way for me to actually contribute.


How could I report that? The only true reporting option seems to be "My question is correct" or whatever. I get that its in beta but it seems like a course problem related with the os rather than the actual course.


I am not taking any Japanese course, but have read a little bit about Japanese grammar etc. (Whilst the Hiragana lessons admittedly bored me) I am having a lot of fun with the Japanese lessons!
This positively surprised me and I'm not even annoyed by the translate-to-English-tasks.
Rushing through the courses is impossible, but that's not a disadvantage to me because I am learning enough in the individual lessons.


I agree the hiragana lessons were boring, especially if you already knew Hiragana. So I attempted to test out of them but then i realize there were words in the lessons as well. It wasn't frustrating per say but rather just an inconvenience. I do love the actual lessons however I enjoy the pace it teaches you and feel really comfortable doing the course itself! Its truly well made. However since it was made for mobile there are very few tips and notes and even those that are there need a little bit of work. Regardless its a really well made course for only being in beta.

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