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Please split the vocabulary sections up more!

I'm enjoying the Romanian, but, (so far) it's the opposite of the Hungarian course, which goes crazy on the grammar and kills people off at a certain stage. The Romanian course hasn't done that, yet, but I would find the vocab easier to remember if the sections were shorter. The one on animals is unnecessarily large- if you overfill the cup, a certain amount overspills, and for most people trying to learn more than a particular number will result in our forgetting some of them. I think it would be better to teach us, say- 9 animals and then another lot at a later stage. Right now, we need the door of vocabulary opened a bit wider- I'd sooner learn some numbers or a few basic places than "stallion" at the moment. I don't mean we shouldn't have the words there- I always like the unexpected vocabulary, but I'd like to see the sections made smaller- some vocab- then some grammar to use and practise the vocab with, then some vocab that builds on the previous lot, etc, and then you have the chance to digest what you have eaten.

October 13, 2017

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If the Romanian course is like the other courses, then the skill tree gets locked at a certain point and can't be changed. They can only correct errors and add more bonus skills at the end of the tree.

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