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Quick "Speaker On/Off Switch" - Suggestion

Listening to pronounciations of phrases and words is incredibly useful for learning, but since I always bring my laptop home and school, there are times when I can't put the sound on or don't have my earphones.

The sound could be easily turned on and off if it weren't for the listening practice, so I'm forced to go to the settings to change it everytime.

What do you think of a quick switch of convenience with a click of a button?

October 13, 2017



I mean it is fine but I under stand that it must be frustrating but you have to do it


There used to be a switch on the speaking exercises which said “I can’t speak right now” and it would turn the microphone off for one hour. Has this been removed?


I think you're talking about the IOS version; the web version doesn't have a speaking exercise, but instead a listening exercise where you hear a phrase from a speaker and you have to write it down. But if the sound is off, you can't hear what they say xD


The web version has speaking exercises (in some courses) unless you turn them off.

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