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  5. "Potřebuje mě."

"Potřebuje mě."

Translation:He needs me.

October 13, 2017



How can I tell whether it should be me or mne in this sentence, the pronounciation appears the same to me


Yes! I also can't distinguish these. This audio clearly has what sounds like a "n" sound between the "m" and the vowel.

But maybe the difference is in the vowel? I can't hear this yet. I also struggle with "y" versus "i" though, so I wouldn't be surprised if the key is in the vowel sounds.


Please be sure to review the older Tips and notes about Czech pronunciation and orthography. Or any similar resource.

dě, tě, ně is pronounced ďe, ťe, ňe

di, ti, ni is pronounced ďi, ťi, ňi

bě, pě, vě is pronounced bje, pje, vje

Other combinations hopefully do not appear in modern Czech.

I and Y sound the same but I may change the preceding consonant.

Please do review those materials.


The pronunciation of “mne” is just [mne], whereas “mě” sounds more like [mnje].


can be mne too, isn't it?


Yes, and it is accepted.


Apparently it is not accepted: I answered "Potřebuje mne" but DL says mne is the wrong word


It totally IS accepted. Either you made a mistake or it is the infamous grading bug. Make sure to use "My answer should be accepted...".


Came up today and Reported: my answer was and I copy it: "Potřebuje mne" and DL said: "You used the wrong word. Potřebuje mě. Meaning: He needs me." When reported there is no alternative "My answer should be accepted...".so I selected the third one, Czech sentence is unnatural or has an error :-(


Do not use "Czech sentence is unnatural or has an error", that is something completely different. That is used when the original sentence is wrong.

Overall it is likely the grading bug of Duolingo.


Thanks VladaFu. I answered exactly what I wrote above, so it must be the grading bug. Next time this sentence comes up I will use your suggestion. :-)


not yet it isn't. Just did the exercise and tried using mne. i got it wrong.

he audio does not sound correct. The Czech sentence is unnatural or has an error. The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error.

these are the only options given to report.


"Potřebuje mne" is accepted; I pasted that from the list of acceptable alternatives. I also typed it into the Test box, and it tested "green," which indicates that it is acceptable. If that is what you wrote, you have likely been been bitten by the Duo grading bug.


Really? I also can't get it to accept "potřebuje mne". And it really sounds like "mne" to me ;)


There was no Reply button to your comment about hearing an "n" in there for . You are actually nearing an "n" sound in there. is pronounced like "m-nye." Mně, which does include an "n," is also pronounced like that. And mne sounds like it looks: "m-ne."


I say again, the pronunciation is NOT IDENTICAL. The thing you should have reviewed is

  1. what I have written in my long post below

  2. The guide to Czech orthography and pronunciation, NOT the usage of mě, mně and mne.

BOTH MĚ and MNĚ sound the same and both contain the Ň sound (~nye if you want). Only one of these two is grammativally posible here.

MNE sounds different and connot be accepted here. It has the hard N sound, not the soft Ň sound. You will not get far before reviewing the pronunciation and orthography. Alas, I even wrote the main gist in the other long comment on this page. Just read it.


Hmm. Did you, by any chance, get this as a Type What You Hear exercise? If so, only what the TTS actually "says" is accepted. Also, I just checked the audio, and I can hear on both normal and slow speeds... although systems do differ.


Then please DO read it again. Thoroughly. DO review those materials.

MĚ is pronounced as M + Ň + E. There are no soft wovels to be heard. Just one palatal consonant inserted. That is the point.

MĚ and MNE sound different.


I wrote 'They need me' without specifying a gender for who they are. Is this correct?


Potřebuje is the third person singular from only, so "they" doesn't work here.


I'm an English native and use they as a third person singular a lot. There's a lot of classic English literature which does too. It's very much accepted to be a genderless third person singular pronoun!


That's nice.

At this moment, we won't accept it, as we find it too confusing to the majority of users, many of them not being native English speakers. It would also require a lot of work - and none of the volunteers who maintain this course are willing to tackle this issue when there are more pressing things to take care of.

I hope I have addressed your questions to your satisfaction. As always, we're happy to see feedback from our users.

On behalf of CZ-EN team, e_sl


Hi! How can i tell if it is he needs me or she needs me, as both have been accepted as correct? thanks


You cannot. In real life you would know from context or you would use On or Ona or Ono if no other context was available.


I answered "Needs me", because is not clear if it is He, She or It. And it was marked wrong. How do they now it was "HE needs me"?


"They" do no know. Either of "he", "she" or "it" is a possible correct translation. See the answer to abiscott8 by kacenka9.

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