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Energy bars for each lesson

I am confused. Today, I did a lesson, and when I was done, the energy bar was full and gold. The thing is, I struggled with that one quite a bit. But then when I go back to some of the easier lessons to try and fill up their energy bars, it doesn't seem to work, even when I do really well. What am I doing wrong??

October 13, 2017



I think you mean Health bars. My understanding is that you only increase your Health, if you do the strengthening from the Health menu itself. Otherwise they will return at fixed time intervals.


It depends what version of Health you have. For months already I've been able to strengthen any skill I've completed to regain health.

(BTW, I actually don't think this question is about Health; it's about skill strength.)


It depends how much the word strength has decayed in each skill. If your earlier skills are quite decayed (i.e. you haven't reviewed them in a while), it can take a number of reviews to get the skill back to full strength / gold. Sometimes it's possible to get a skill back to gold getting only a single question right in timed practice, but if a skill is more decayed, obviously this doesn't happen.


These health bars are such a bad idea. Here is a lingot to help pay for a recharge.

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