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  5. "Drink the medicine."

"Drink the medicine."

Translation:Trinke die Medizin.

March 13, 2013



I thought the right answers could be "Trink die Medizin" and "Trinken Sie die Medizin", but they were marked wrong. Is the given "Trinke" correct here?


I don't think it is. The only forms of the imperative are: 'trink' for du, 'trinkt' for ihr, 'trinken wir' for wir and 'trinken Sie' for Sie.

In general, if the root of the stem of the verb ends in -d, -t, -ig, (and usually in -m or -n), one needs to add an -e to the 2nd person singular imperative: Antworte! Rede! Entschuldige dich!


I just discovered that both "trink" and "trinke" will be correct for second person singular. Still don't know why though.


"TRINK die Medizin" is not accepted although it should be, instead "TINK die Medizin" (without an 'R') is actually accepted! There's a typo in the correct answer!


"Nimm deine Medizin ein" Richtig oder nicht


Nimm = "take" Sentence says "drink"

So for me "nimm" is not correct

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