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  5. "The size is important to us."

"The size is important to us."

Translation:Die Größe ist uns wichtig.

October 13, 2017



Why doesn't the word order put "uns" at the end of the sentence?


I wish someone would answer this.


I put "Größe ist wichtig für uns" and it marked it wrong and says the correct way is "Größe ist bedeutsam für uns"

What is the difference between 'wichtig' and 'bedeutsam"?


Can you also say "Die Große ist wichtig nach uns"?

Or is nach only used for places?


In my opinion you can say: Die Größe ist wichtig FÜR uns.


I said that and was marked wrong saying I should have used "bedeutend" I reported it


No. In the above sentence "uns" is dative and translated "to us".


would you care to elaborate on that point please?


I am thinking that different expressions require different prepositions which are often not the same prepositions from one language to another and now that I see the above translation, that is probably the way to do it in German.

I too had tried "für uns" which was marked incorrect unless you switched to "bedeutend". We say that something is important to us or for us, but some expressions require something specific. Here it looks as though you could use either http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/Important%20to%20us Perhaps it is more common to use "für" with "bedeutend".

"nach" is just not the right preposition for this. In English "to" is just used for so many different German prepositions. "nach" can mean "after", especially with time rather than "to". http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/nach http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/to http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/bedeutend


bedeutend or wichtig which is correct when discussing something important?


Word order explanation please?


The conjugated verb is usually in second position. Think of the sentence "He threw us the ball." which means that "He threw the ball to us." German may prefer the first sentence. The indirect object is used with more verbs than in English. We would not say "The size is us important." instead we would have to say "The size is important to us." or "The size is important for us."



Okay, so I put "wichtig" the first time it came up, and it marked it wrong, saying that I needed to use "bedeutsam". It just came up again, and this time, I used "bedeutsam" and it marked it wrong, saying that I needed to use "wichtig".


I wrote wichtig but they said I was wrong; they wrote bedeutend instead. Aren't these two words meaning the same thing????


Die Größe ist wichtig zu uns Not accepted :( I don't get it

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