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  5. "벨기에 사람의 어머니는 스페인인입니다."

"벨기에 사람의 어머니는 스페인인입니다."

Translation:The Belgian person's mother is Spanish.

October 13, 2017



Throughout the course, most sentences' translations don't have 'the'. However, there are many cases we cannot just omit '그' in Korean. For example, in this sentence, it sounds so awkward because it sounds like 'All belgian people are born by spanish' and it's not true. It should include '그' or whatever else to clarify


No, the choice of 는 versus 가 does it. Using a word that means "that" to try inaccurately to mean "the," when a topic marking language never needs articles to mark definiteness is a risky habit for long-term fluency.


No, thats not enough. Period.


One time spanish is correct one time one should write spaniard????

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