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Why are you learning the language you're learning now?


October 13, 2017



Russian because it was one of my original language goals and also as a gateway languages to Kazakh, Circassian, and Ossetic. I also plan to visit Russia and Kazakhstan in the future, both of which speak Russian.

Esperanto because it sounds really nice and is very simple, and I support the Esperanto movement.

Turkish because I was motivated to learn Turkish from some friends, and in addition learning Turkish helped me discover my favorite language family: the Turkic languages.

Vietnamese because it is one of the East Asian languages. I plan to learn the East Asian languages and Vietnamese is one of the more interesting ones!

Swedish. I started Swedish out of self interest and I grew to love the language. Also, one of my new motivations is to move to Finland, where Swedish is the second official language.

Polish. I also started Polish out of self interest, and I grew to love the writing of Polish. It sounds quite similar to Russian meaning I have had an easier time learning it. Plus I have grown some interest in Kashubian, and Polish will help me learn some.

Hungarian. I got into learning it after watching a video from NativLang. I must say, it is crazy! 35 cases??? Who would have guessed? In addition, learning some Hungarian will ease my transition into Finnish later, because they are related languages.

German became one of those languages that I expected not to study, but somehow ended up learning. I'm glad I got into it though. Not only is it very interesting in terms of grammar and writing, it's also a very useful language throughout the world.

I started learning Dutch after hearing that German is closely related to it. Plus I was part of an online community that had lots of Dutch speakers, so I figured I'd join in. Dutch writing is crazy!

Norwegian is a close languge to Swedish, so I thought I'd give it a try. It sounds awesome! In addition, I've had a much easier time learning it thanks to my knowledge in Swedish.

Greek was one of the languages I suspected I might started learning at some point or another. Nonetheless, I have become fond of the language, a big part of it coming from its beautiful script.

Welsh was not a language I originally wanted to learn. However, after researching the language further, I decided to give it a try. It's insane! The writing system is one of the reasons I chose to try it out. Dw i'n hoffi'r Cymraeg!

Hebrew was on my wish list due to its relations to Arabic, which I also want to learn. The writing system is very intriguing and not as hard as Arabic heh heh! It too sounds nice.

Japanese was on my wish list for a while, even before I got on Duolingo. However, it wasn't on my top priority list like Chinese was. When I saw it released on Duolingo I immediately went at it.

I never intended to learn Catalan. I saw it in the courses for Spanish speakers, and I figured I'd give it a go. Before that, the only thing I knew was that Catalan was closely related to Spanish (my native language). I have come to enjoy the language a lot, due to its simplicity and relation to my native Spanish.

All I knew about Danish before I started learning it was that its writing system was awful and did not suit the modern language. This is very true! However, that's no reason to not learn a language. Look at English or Chinese for example. Danish is also closely related to Swedish and Norwegian, both of which have significantly eased my transition into Danish.

Italian was low on my wish list, but I figured I'd give it a try early. So far, I am liking what I am seeing! It sounds so beautiful, and I intend to learn it to fluency at one point or another.


<sob> Catalan isn't available to English speakers! When I stayed near Barcelona, I found my Italian was easily understood, so I was hoping to learn Catalan to complement it. I'd also love to learn Venetian.


Are you learning all these at once? If so, how?


of Swedish and Norwegian, which do you prefer?


I am learning French because I spend a lot of time keeping my 50-something year old body in shape and thought I should be doing the same for my brain. The big surprise is just how much I enjoy it!


Spanish...because I need it to speak with others who live nearby and when I go to Barcelona and Russian...because in my dance circles almost everyone is from eastern Europe and because I want to go to Russia one day. Also knowing Russian instantly ups your street credit and cool factor. It does get tiring when everyone says "say something in Russian " a lot.


I'm the first goodie ; ) I'm learning Spanish for school and and because I want to be a missionary doctor someday!


Woah that's so cool!


Soy un operador de autobuses y quiero aprender más español para poder comunicarme con mis pasajeros de habla hispana.


I learn English because I always liked this subject at school, now I am improving it. Another reason is, I want to be able to help my daughter if she needs help in English. I also attend courses in my hometown to meet people doing the same. It would also be great to meet natives in English to practise regulary.


I am learning Russian for three reasons:

  1. I have taken quizzes and all say I should learn Russian

  2. I could use a knowledge of the language for literary reasons

  3. I like the flow of Russian, something just appeals to me about it

Thanks for asking!


Italian: Loved Italy when I went there. (Now I'm "homesick" for Rome!) Easy to learn since I know a bit of Latin. Beautiful as well. Japanese: Dad was raised in Japan. He tried teaching me by speaking it all the time, but... that did not go so well. (Also, I've been there twice.) French: I haven't been working at it as much since I got back from Europe, but I will once I finish Italian. Mom and Dad both speak a little since they lived in Europe for a while.

I'm also trying to learn German, a bit of Dutch, and Greek. German: My family's background is based in the German part of Switzerland, so it would be nice to know. :) Dutch: It's close to German, and I mean, if you can learn another language, go ahead and learn it! Greek: I know a few of the roots. I have some Greek heritage. I absolutely love the Percy Jackson books, and if an ADHD half blood can learn to speak it, an ADHD me can learn it too.

Ciao! Warriorg315


(Copied and pasted from my answer to a question similar to this)

Vietnamese is a language that i just happened to stumble upon here. I was just dabbling in some languages randomly and i came across the Vietnamese page. I honestly hadn't really heard of Vietnamese much so i was very interested. I've always been told that Vietnam was bad and all negative things so i decided to just try the language because i didn't really believe that Vietnam (and by default, Vietnamese) was a bad thing.

I did the first lesson and was so intrigued by the spelling, the looks, the sound and the simplicity of the grammar already, so i continued. I almost finished the tree but i was in a language learning rut and after being demotivated by the people around me, i quit.

I ended up doing Spanish, but soon came back to Vietnamese again. Once again, i nearly finished the tree that time but, once again, i was told it was useless. I quit the tree then, too.

Between that time, i joined an app called Tandem. I was messaged by a few native Vietnamese and even had some short conversations in Vietnamese. I realized that not one person i spoke to was rude, or told me i shouldn't learn Vietnamese, they were happy i was (or so they said.)

I've loved Vietnamese since that first lesson, and i want to continue with it. I've learned to not mention it to people now. I hope this made sense, I'm not very good at conveying my thoughts.

I only put Vietnamese down, as that's the only one i'm seriously learning.


Should I pick one of my languages or do all of them?


I'm learning languages mainly because I want a mental challenge. I'm starting with Esperanto because I wanted something easy to start with. I plan to learn Spanish because there are a number of Spanish speakers in my area, and I want to understand what the guy ahead of me in the grocery line is saying to the cashier. :)


Italian because I can't bring myself to quit the course after finishing it at GCSE. I'll get back to it at some point, but right now it's sitting there depressing me.

Welsh because it has a lot of sentimental value to me. I lived in Wales until I was ten, and I was never very good at the language, but I've wanted to get back to it for a while.

Korean because I want to try a language with a different writing system (I'm studying Mandarin in school) and I'd heard that Korean has a sensible phonetic alphabet. (Unlike Mandarin, which is just mildly terrifying.)


because i love the culture and style of anything Korean. My family is Korean and i hope i can talk to my grandmother and have a full conversation with her and stuff. i really want to move to Korea for high school/college and i want to have a side language.


I am learning French for school and because I want to be a missionary in Haiti! I grew up there and long to go back when I am done with schooling!

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