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Foreign alphabets


This is the first course on Duo that I have taken that uses a different alphabet, so I don't know if this already applies to other courses.

I was wondering if there's an option to let the course know that I already know the alphabet. It's frustrating to me that the course continuously insists that I need to strengthen my alphabet skills (literally within an hour of me testing out of the alphabet courses), when I've known the Korean alphabet nearly as long as the English one.

Not a bug or anything, just a personal irritation.


October 13, 2017



Please check the answers in the other topic you posted about this ^^ If you can't find the link, here it is :) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24777157


Wow, thanks. I didn't know it posted. I kept getting an error message when submitting it, and wasn't able to find that link


Duolingo has been acting weird the past few days!


My experience with Hebrew so far is that I generally no longer need to strengthen the alphabet skills. I remember them coming up with some frequency at first, but my experience was probably similar to yours.

I'm now doing Korean and Japanese so I'm curious to see if something similar occurs. But this is an interesting question, and I would like to know how others have fared with foreign alphabets like the Hangeul and the Japanese Kana...

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