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Lessons repeating/lacking questions compared to mobile

Firstly, is this the best place to provide feedback or is there a different area?

Secondly, it's great that that the Japanese course is now on web, the mobile (android in my case) version is great for convenience, but it does seem nicer to learn from the web version.

However, and this is probably because the course is in beta, there seems to be quite a difference between the exercises in the web version compared to the same exercise on mobile.

For example in Food 1, lesson 2, I was asked to pick the correct translation for 食べ three separate times during the exercise, if I hadn't learnt it after the 1st time, I definitely would have by the 3rd.

Another exercise (Greetings lesson 1) there was only translate the Japanese phrase to English questions, yet in the mobile version there was a mixture of translating to English and translating to Japanese

October 13, 2017

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Well, this is the only place I can find to give feedback because the bug report form seems to be broken for me. I have tried filling it out and submitting bugs and it doesn't send me any kind of confirmation email.

I have this desperate hope that I will get the attention of someone in staff and they can fix the bug report form so I'll actually have a channel of communication open with them though.

I can't help but wonder if I'm just pissing in the wind though.

The lack of communication and opaqueness of the whole thing is very frustrating and alienating to me.

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