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Mobile Discussions Forum. Please.

Greetings Professor Owl and Associates!

I enjoy very much the opportunity to hop directly onto the Forum to chat with my fellow students and moderators while working on a particular translation. The thing is, that more and more I am using my iPad with Duolingo as my aging laptop becomes progressively clunkier and increasingly cumbersome. The iOS application looks great and works very well, but sadly the valuable conversational button is missing. Can your Team please add this awesome feature to the mobile version so that learners on the go can also chime in directly from the sentence at hand.

Thanks kindly, Max

October 13, 2017



I strongly suggest just using the website from Safari on your iPad. It's much more mobile friendly these days, on an iPad the screen is not so small it's hard to see, and you have direct access to the discussions.

(Which is not to say I wouldn't LOVE to see the forums in the iOS app, but I'm not holding my breath for Duolingo to add that any time soon. Using the website is a pretty good stopgap.)


Thank you. Yes of course one can use the desktop version of Duolingo on a tablet; occasionally I do just that. Given that it's a different platform however, understandably not all features translate smoothly over and the performance can be compromised.

So - if the little Dr. Hibou and developers can please add the conversations to the iOS version that would be très génial!

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