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Chests? Gems? Daily rewards? Health? I don't have any of these?

I was talking with my friend today who is also doing dualingo Spanish and he was talking about our progress and he has all these things that I don't such as a choice of chests as a reward, health, daily rewards etc that I've never seen before. I'm over half way through completing the entire course and am at 44% fluency and I've earned probably 70 lingots the entire time. As far as I can see my app is up to date. What could this be?? Any suggestions really appreciated.

Also his home page looks different to mine... his has 5 icons down the bottom with a spanish flag, day streak, fluency and lingots at the top. Mine has 4 icons at the bottom and just my day streak, the word Spanish and Practice at the top.

October 13, 2017



I don't have any of these

Good, that means there is still hope that they scrap those almost universally despised features.


Yeah, I recenty downloaded the app on my new ipod and was already dreading the whole health/gems/whatever that I though everyone had on the ios app. I was so happy to see that I got the "old" version of the app - so apparenty there is still hope they are still testing and haven't rolled it out to everybody.


Be glad you don't have those :P


That's a mobile app version that's still being tested, so not everybody has it even though their apps are up to date. There's been almost universally negative reactions to it.


Your friend is on the mobile version


So am I. And I've looked on the online version and I don't have it there either


And people talk about weekend amulets?? I've never seen these in the store and do classes every day


Weekend amulets are in some accounts, which use the Android App.


5.1.14 is the version I have and I see no option to update in the App Store


It is in your account, not in the App version. Be happy, that you don't have the punishing "Health" feature.


Here is a gem for you.

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