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A silly post re: the website exercise' design change

I don't normally post to complain, because there is enough negativity out there online, but I just got back from Switzerland and started up my Duo again and noticed the exercises on the online browser version have a very different design, which, in my humble opinion, is not quite as attractive as the old one. The exercise is kind of spread out all over the page and parts of it are off center, the whole screen is a beige/off-white colour, the hover hints now block the typing field as they are above the text and not beside it, and in general it seems not as well designed as the old interface, which was cleaner and more well contained inside the browser window. For some reason it reminds me of Quizlet or BYKI a little bit, and they are not nearly as well done as Duolingo.

It's a minor complaint, as the content is still solid, Duo's courses are the best out there, but I hope it's a temporary change. I realise they may be trying to be compatible with a wider range of browsers and browser sizes and maybe size scaling is an issue, or making room for the new(er) ads may be a consideration, or there may be things going on behind the scenes are that way over my head, but if the design could be tweaked to bring back some of the clean and magnificently beautiful interface that drew me to Duolingo (like a fairy princess who saw something shiny and was hypnotised) it would be awfully swell ^_^

Your silly complainer for the day,


PS: I really hope I am not hurting anyone on staff's feelings. I understand redesigning the interface in SCALA or whathaveyou has to be unfathomably difficult and I am sure you are adding new features as part of the design, just wanted to weigh in and see any other desktop users noticed the change.

PPS: I tried to find an existing thread on here before I started a new post, if it is out there please feel free to link and direct me--apologies if this is old news and I am late to the party...

October 13, 2017



No, Staff will unfortunately not change the design. The design is what got Japanese and Korean off of mobile only and onto the web, and if they went back to the old version, millions of users would be upset.

Here's some more information on the design change: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744


Thank you for this!! I looked for this in the sea of discussion posts but did not come across it. This must have happened right before I left the country and I am just stumbling into an ongoing discussion. Much obliged!!


Interesting, thanks for sharing the link and explanation


"Millions"? Japanese and Korean have about 3 million users together. Overall only 1 in 5 Duolingo users is on the web, and obviously for those two languages, it's a small fraction of that b/c the languages have been on the web for so little time.

And, unfortunately, these languages' web versions are simply precisely the app version (i.e. they have the tapping tiles!?!?!) transferred to a much less appropriate medium, for which, frankly, they weren't designed. So for those vast majority of users who have a choice between the web and the app, the app will easily be preferred - a significant divergence from the experience of other language courses.


I guess I am not as observant as you are but maybe Duo will take some of your suggestions and tweak their program. (You said it in a very sincere and nonoffensive way so hopefully no tears will be shed because of your post : )



Lessons Userstyle to get some things of the old look back: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938


I agree totally , they are looking for people like you with suggestions to make this app the best it can be.

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