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Could you please help me with some TV shows/cartoon recommandations?

I'd love to watch TV shows or even cartoons in German, but I have no idea what to watch. Or do you know where I could find some TV shows/cartoons dubbed in German but subbed in English at the same time?

October 13, 2017



I have a list of some German Youtube channels you might enjoy here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24336702


The good thing is - every movie and every TV show that airs in Germany gets dubbed. So you can actually watch a lot of stuff you already know or would watch anyway.

A good source might be Netflix, changing the audio there, plus putting in the English subs.


go to the ZDF website, click on Sendung Verpasst at the top of the page. I don't think they're subbed, but there's a lot of content at all different levels to watch.


same thing applies to the WDR website http://www1.wdr.de/mediathek/video/sendungverpasst/index.html There are lots of "Sendung Verpasst:" so you can find the type of program that interests you. No english subtitles there either. I used to watch the livestream but it seems to be blocked in the USA now.

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