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German Passive

Help me I still can’t figure this out

October 13, 2017



Hi Epic,

I can understand that. It isn't an easy part of the german language. Without examples your question is hard to answer. Please have a look at this site


and tell me if that helps. If not, don't hesitate to ask again. Here are so many helpful user we will find something.

best regards Angel


Hi :)

In this sentance, as an example; “ich werde geküsst”, why is the word ‘werde’ used?. Why isn’t it “Ich bin geküsst”?


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So that is what I have to look forward to. Your link looks good Angel, I will Bookmark it for when I get that far. Thanks in advance. ;-)


WERDEN forms + past participle


Hey there,
Seems I might be a little late to the party, but I thought you might find my post regarding this somewhat useful.

N.B. It's about a year old and I've realised I should have said „Danke schön fürs Lesen“ right at the end, but when I just tried to edit it - nothing happened.
So, sorry for that.


Hi Adam,

better late than never^^. Very well written. A very good explanation.

And once again I curse the structure of this forum. So many really good discussions just fade into the nirvana because you can't look up for them in an effective way.

@Epic I'm sure this thread from Adam will help you to understand.

best regards Angel

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