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Hello everyone! So, todays topic is on stereotypes. A stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. What are some common stereotypes you hear all the time? Here is what you have to do.

First, choose a stereotype that you want to talk about (it can be about a language or nationalities or whatever). Next, tell us whether you think that stereotype is true or false and tell us why?

That's pretty much it, I hope you guys enjoy this discussion. Have fun!

October 13, 2017



I found some common stereotypes online on the Spaniards (This is not made to be offensive)

  1. They are loud
  2. They are always late
  3. They all know how to dance the Flamenco
  4. Their English is bad
  5. They spend all their time partying
  6. Soccer is everything to them
  7. They love free stuff

I know there are probably more stereotypes but I think these are the most common. Now I think #1, #6, #7 are true; #3, #5 are false; and #2, #4 is partially true.


1: People in America are loud, some people in America are quiet, and I'm guessing it's the same in Spain.

2: Everyone is different. Just because you are a Spaniard doesn't mean that you're late to everywhere. There are probably Spaniards who are early to everything they go to.

4: Like I said, everyone is different. There are probably a lot of Spaniards who can speak English fluently with either few or no mistakes. And just because there are a lot who can't, that doesn't mean that since you live in Spain you immediately have awful English.

6: It probably is to some people, but not everyone.

7 Who doesn't love free stuff?


Yes! I totally agree with you. These are just stereotypes I found online that people were saying about Spaniards. You know, I was thinking the same thing you just wrote when I was writing my comment. Honestly, who doesn't love free stuff!


Especially a free Lamborghini!


Ikr, if you'd give me a free Lamborghini I would take it any day! Lol


Honestly though, I would be satisfied with a free chocolate bar.


Hi! I am from America, and I can tell you what I have heard about Spain stereotypes. Please take in mind that I do not necessarily agree with these stereotypes, except for #6 and I guess #4?

  1. I have heard that numerous times

  2. I have heard that once before, but only once

  3. Never heard that before

  4. I've never //specifically// heard that, but it's kind of inferred when you consider that the main language of Spain isn't English. Just like how you can't expect most people from England to be good at Japanese.

  5. I have heard that a lot. It goes hand-in-hand with #1.

  6. This is probably the biggest one and I believe there is truth to it. Not as a stereotype, but rather soccer is important as part of the culture.

  7. Never heard that before


There is nothing inherent of being Spaniard that makes someone bad at English. :)


I guess I'll do Black (or African Americans, whatever you want to call us):

1) All Black people love fried chicken, or meats of the sort. In fact, Black people always have huge dinners.

2) Blacks can't swim to save their lives.

3) Black people tend to drop out of school more than other races.

4) All Blacks come from Africa, or the hood (ghetto, if you will).

5) Blacks have no sense of speaking or writing in correct grammar ("you ain't done nothing", for example)

6) Blacks are criminals.

7) Blacks are good at sports. Any sport.

8) Black people are Christians.

9) Blacks love rap music. Also, Blacks can rap.

10) Black people can dance to any genre of music and still keep up with the beat.

I know you asked about nationality, so I suppose this list is specifically of Black people who are native Americans. When it comes to Africans, I don't know much stereotypes. Plus, I may be Black but I'm not African.

I will say, though, that some of these are true, depending on the person. However, none of these stereotypes should be used to generalize a race, so they are, for the most part, false. I mean, I'm not a criminal, I believe I have intelligence, I don't hail from Africa, and I am definitely not good at sports. There are other stereotypes that I don't identify with, but I would ramble too much.

I apologize if some of the things I brought up were offensive. These are just stereotypes either I have recognized growing up or stereotypes that people in the past have labeled me as.

I'll probably make a post that actually abides to your prompt, like Chinese people. I know plenty of stereotypes about them (I don't say that in a negative way; I love Asian cultures very much).


One of my university classes discussed why there are so many people of color in sports and it wasn't because they were inherently better at it than others (or worse). Unsurprisingly, over-representation comes down to systematic racism, prompting more limited opportunities for people of color to achieve economic upward mobility in other fields at the same rate as non-PoC. Now I'll have to dig through my old textbooks to see if I can still find the article I'm thinking of.

Just a quick note "people of color" or "PoC" is considered a positive term in the region I live in. It is claimed by the community itself as the preferred term over other terms. If it is received differently in your community, I apologize if it has caused you any discomfort.


It is claimed by the community itself as the preferred term over other terms.

11 Black people share a hive mind. I hadn't heard of that one!


Stereotypes about Romania

  1. The land of Dracula
  2. Romanians eat a lot of Onions and Garlic
  3. The roads are bad
  4. Stray dogs in Bucharest
  5. Beautiful women

I think it's all true! No, I'm just kidding. My opinion: even though I wish it were true that Romania is the land of Dracula and that Romanians are Vampires, it's all just fiction. I feel that Romanians do eat a lot of Onions and Garlic with there traditional foods. The roads are bad? I'm not sure about this one. Stray dogs in Bucharest... maybe. Everyone is beautiful in my opinion so therefore Romania does have beautiful women. What do you guys think?


Believing Romanians are both vampires and eat a lot of garlic would surely reveal a rather critical inconsistency of worldview...


As someone who does not live in Romania, I have actually never heard any of those stereotypes before. I actually don't hear much about Romania at all.


I'll do Canadian and Chinese stereotypes. Canada: 1. Canadians live in constant cold weather.
2. Canadians love maple syrup.
3. Canadians say "eh" all the time.
4. Canadians only drink Tim Hortons.
5. All Canadians are nice.
6. Canadians say "aboot".
7. Canadians love poutine.

These are the most general ones I can think of so:
1. If you live in Iqaluit (capital of Nunavut, northern most province), yes it is basically pretty cold all year, but if you live in more southern provinces, it can actually get really hot in the summer-- I'm talking 40 ish degrees celsius.
2. I love maple syrup, and I am very disappointed when I find people that do not. Is this stereotype true though? It is very true for me.
3. This one depends usually. Once when I was a kid I was fishing with my dad and I heard a man with the strongest Canadian accent you can imagine and I almost fell into the lake. I say eh sometimes ??? But it's not as much as everyone thinks. However, I live in Toronto so keep in mind it's very different in other parts of Canada.
4. I love Tim Hortons, but I also know many people that don't like their coffee which also disappoints me. Maybe my Canadian pride is too strong tbh.
5. I am nice !!! There' s a lot of door holding and "sorry"s and such as well. But we're not way overly polite like many think we are-- sure maybe we are a wee bit more polite than most, but really I think it might be the same as a well-rounded US citizen.
6. I have never heard "aboot" in my entire life and not even the man I saw fishing said aboot.
7. The only thing I care about is poutine.

China (Mostly specified to my area of China-- Shanghai.)
1. Chinese people are very, very loud.
2. Chinese tourists are very ill mannered.
3. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people are all the same (along with other nationalities near China)
4. Chinese people can't drive.
5. Chinese people are basically geniuses when it comes to school.
6. Chinese people eat dogs.
7. Chinese people are karate/taichi/taekwondo etc. masters.

(These are gonna be based on experience ok)
1. This one can definitely be true. But NOT with everyone. Okay so my grandma and my mum are probably the loudest people I've ever heard (I'm leaving my dad out because he's white). B U T I know many Chinese people that are definitely not. Example A, me, but I wasn't born in China. However, a couple of Chinese-born people are in many of my classes and I can assure you they are average in tone.
2. Again this one depends. I've found that with older generations, maybe they lack a bit of international manners, but I mean, who doesn't? You see Americans going to China hitting up the first person they can find in English, and that's sort of considered rude. I'm talking "Hello do you know where the nearest washroom is." with no Chinese involved. But there also was a Chinese-people-stealing-toilet-seat-issue ??? I think they were stealing Japanese toilet seats honestly I have no idea what was happening there but that's not an everyday thing ok.
3. NO NON NON ONONO N CHINESE PEOPLE !! JAPANESE PEOPLE !! AND KOREAN PEOPLE !! ARE NOT THE SAME !! (that goes for other countries in the area like Vietnam etc.) We all have different cultural identities, and sure, maybe a lot of us eat mooncake on new years, but please, really look into the history. Japanese people for example don't celebrate basically any Chinese holidays because they have their own culture. Please don't be ignorant.
4. A) Many people-- Chinese or not, are bad drivers. B) Many Chinese people live in really big cities, take Shanghai for example, and the driving rules are different there, so of course, they might struggle a bit. It's like a British person driving in America for the first time. (referring to opposite road type stuff)
5. This one makes me feel special but then I remember that I almost failed a course once. Yes many Chinese people are good at school, but that also goes for other non-Chinese people as well.
6. Ok a bit of a sad fact but down south, yes some people do. But that's like, not even a percent of the population or something. I think it's like a delicacy or something but trust me maybe nearly most Chinese people you meet would not even dare kill a dog because I mean why would you ever-
7. I don't know karate. Or taichi. Or taekwondo. And by the way the only Chinese martial art there is taichi. I don't know if I'd be good at it because I've never tried, but also, I don't know any Chinese people that do taichi. I can't really answer for this one but I assume it goes for everyone.

bonus: all chinese people asian squat-- I can confirm, I love asian squating (this is a bit satirical. I think almost all of the Chinese people can asian squat [apparently many non-asian people cant lmao]


I worked in Chinese restaurants when I was younger, as dishwasher and waitress. I think in general, Chinese people are hard-working and nice, but, of course, like the old saying, "There is always a bad apple in every barrel."

About Chinese not knowing karate:

In the first Chinese restaurant I had only been working there for a few days when the boss and a cook got into an argument. The boss was sitting on a chair at a table and the cook was standing near him.

Since it was all in Chinese, I didn't know what they were saying, but it sounded like it was getting extremely wicked and ugly, the way it sounded.. When I saw the cook pick up a chopper type of knife they used in the kitchen and saw the color drain out of the boss's face, I knew something was going on. His face turned a shade of green. I was just standing there, looking at them. Then the boss must have realized that I didn't understand Chinese because he said to me in English, "Get out of here. Go in front."

Then, without turning his head, he looked at the other girl who worked in the kitchen, keeping his eyes on the cook at the same time. I looked toward the other girl and she motioned to me to come. As soon as he said that to me, the cook said something to him in Chinese. Only judging by the tone, it sounded extremely wicked and ugly. I could only go by how it sounded, not understanding a word they were saying.

So she, me, and a waitress were standing on the other side of the door. The waitress poked her head into the kitchen and said to the boss, "Do you want me to call the police?" Then he yelled to her, " Stay out!"

Then we heard a sound like something was thrown against a wall. Then we heard scuffling. The the boss came out to the front, smiling and holding his cup. He was going to fill it up with hot water for his tea. He was very calm. The waitress was in tears and saying, "Are you okay?" He just said "Stupid guy" and calmly went back to reading his newspaper and drinking his tea. Needless to say that cook never showed his face around there anymore.

I don't know if the boss knew karate or judo, but he handled it, without police getting involved.


Chinese people can't drive.

Having been to various parts of China and attempted such daring activities as trying to cross the road or getting into taxis, I can attest that they certainly can drive; driving safely, on the other hand...
It was a most novel feeling returning home and realising how much I had been taking for granted the ability to cross a road without fearing my imminent death.
It is true, of course, that the driving varied depending where I was, but still, roads in China in general were utter bedlam compared with what I'm used to.


It's definitely way hard to get around in a crowded city lmao when I was a kid I was walking to a restaurant with my family and I am not kidding I literally almost got hit by a car it was slightly traumatic but I don't think anyone noticed.


The Chinese are unable to form an orderly queue


I've seen Chinese people in the US form orderly queue. So, they are able. Perhaps, there is a different set of social expectations in China for queue.



1: They eat nothing but burritos and tacos and sometimes chips with salsa and guacamole.

2: They always wear ponchos and sombreros and carry around maracas.

3: They know no English whatsoever.

4: Every Mexican is a gang member or a drug dealer or an illegal immigrant.

No, no, no, and no! It makes me so mad that people immediately assume bad things about people who come from a different place than they do.


I am emailing with a guy who lives in Mexico and his English is excellent. He was even thinking of coming to Canada for a visit but was afraid his English wasn't good enough. Plus after I told him how cold it gets here sometimes, it probably scared him away.

He has even started learning French. He is not a drug dealer or a gang member or an illegal immigrant. I don't know if he wears ponchos or sombreros. Oh yeah, he wrote one time that people don't like their big hats but he wrote that he was joking. He says he likes to "eat clean" and that sometimes he has some junk food to reward himself. The rest of the time he eats healthy food.


"They always wear ponchos and sombreros and carry around maracas."

I'll just leave this here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhCPG0qqRW8


I don't know any Americans, but if I went by my impression on the internet I would say American men spend a lot of time online whinging on about women. Americans think they're the only country with free speech, so think they should talk any nonsense for the sake of it, above logic and reason, and as so many spend so much time talking nonsense, the men and women end up annoying each other


Well, I won't say you're wrong, as discussions like modern feminism and free speech vs. hate speech have plagued the media, and our society. However, that is not a representation of every American, which I know you knew seeing how this is a post about stereotypes. I hear about these things everyday and it's pretty annoying. America is a Western country, which mean we are (not literally "we", but simply bringing up a stereotype) more individualistic, in terms of what you said about us feeling like we have the right to talk nonsense. Yes, and there is a lot of whining.

We are becoming more divided rather than united, which is sad. Though, I have hope for our country's future. ^ ^


Americans are all fat. I am an American and I am not fat and neither are my friends!


Americans have a serious issue with obesity :(


Compared to other Americans, you mean?

(And because this is the Internet, yes, I'm just kidding)


Sterotype - Germans are obsessed with good engineering.

Experience - I was out to dinner in Germany with my German host. My beer had an inch of foam, so I said that the tap must not be working correctly, being intentially provocative. My host replied, no that is precisely the correct amount of foam.


Huh I don't think i've heard of many German stereotypes

[deactivated user]

    I heard Germans sound strict when they talk, and that they love beer/sausages and have no sense of humor.

    I obviously disagree with these stereotypes. However, I do agree that they are very organized.


    Pouring so the carbon is released from the beer (aka create foam) saves the drinker from an upset stomach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StMMa8uR2-0


    "Most Americans own guns, and Americans see guns every day."

    This is honestly the most ridiculous stereotype. Aside from the guns policemen carry on their belts, I have only seen one gun in my entire life. I have been to several other states before and didn't see guns there either. I am sure in other states, there are probably more people who do own guns, but I still think this is a very exaggerated stereotype, and most people who do own them probably keep them at home.


    The stereotype for french people is that they are very polite, but I read one artical which said they were the rudest people. I'm not saying fully I believe this, but it still took me by surprise that this was so much the opposite to a french stereotype.


    Less about being Chinese than infrastructure, perhaps?

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