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No microphone in settings

When I started this account I had the option to Speak German, but didn't have a mic so turned it off. Now that I have a mic, there is no Turn Mic On or Off in Settings. Help?

October 13, 2017



I have microphone only when I enter with google chrome. Try it


It might be that they hide the setting, if you don't have a browser that support the Web Speech API. Perhaps try other browsers as Ioanna678593 suggested.

If they are doing this, and I don't know if they are, then I think it is a bad design decision. It would be better to disable it, perhaps with a message or link to an explanatory post. Simplification is in vogue with designers, but just removing something like this, would be the wrong type of simplification.



It makes sense for DuoLingo to hide the microphone option in your settings, as e.g Firefox does not support that required API.


Thank you! Switched to chrome and now i can use it.

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