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  5. "Нам треба мати бізнес-план."

"Нам треба мати бізнес-план."

Translation:We need to have a business plan.

October 13, 2017



"Бізнес-план" has to be a calque, right?


Since бізнес is a direct borrowing from English, and the word "plan"-"план" is kind of the same too (it wasn't borrowed from English, but from French), it's very difficult to say whether бізнес-план is a calque or a direct borrowing.

A clearer example of a calque would be something like lawnmower - газонокосилка, when we borrow the structure, but translate the individual words.


"We have to have a business plan" was my answer. Is something wrong with this answer?


"We need to have a business plan" is verbose. "We need a business plan" means the same, but is rejected.

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We need to have the business plan


"We have to have a business plan" should be allowed. "Have to" and "need to" are synonyms.

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