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Can anyone suggest some interesting youtube channel for learning German?

Can anyone suggest some youtube channel with dramatic irony for learning German? (just like dutch TV program --- NRA - Sunday with Lubach)

October 14, 2017



I recommend "German with Jenny" on YouTube :)


Although I'm not familiar with the Dutch program, there is a lot of varied content on the ZDF website. If you go to Sendung Verpasst at the top of the page you are able to watch all sorts of shows. Depending on where your learning is, a fun one to watch on youtube is Easy German, where they interview people on the street.


Youtube also has Super Easy German, where they talk at a much slower pace with subtitles you can easily follow.


Easy German! (and Super Easy German on the same channel)


Try Julien Bam, he talks fast sometimes, but his videos are really good quality!


Deutsch für Euch. Dunno about dramatic irony, but it has a lot of useful, easy to understand German lessons and grammar explanations on it.


Get Germanized, Don't Trust the Rabbit, Learn German with Ania, and Learn German with Learn German with Herr Antrim are all good ones.

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