I just took the Japanese for English speakers placement test. I have been studying Japanese at school for almost three years now, and I am hoping to use the course to help improve.

Yet, when I took the test, It said I didn't qualify for any of skills. I got most of the questions right, I know both Kana scripts off by heart, but I am forced to start learning at the very beginning.

P.S I'm not trying to sound like an arse, I understand that the course is still in beta.

October 14, 2017


Maybe you made three mistakes in sentences from an early lesson. If you think that you got some unfair mistakes in a placement test, you should not complete it and start over, because then you can do another one.

You can still test out of individual parts of the course by clicking the yellow buttons. (Be careful, though. I think there are a limited number of tries.)

I had the same problem, I started out having only 1 skill. But you can test out of each skill individually, or out of several skills at once at a checkpoint.

I did one of the tests a bunch of times (10-15 times?), because I kept making silly mistakes (some of the early sentences are a little awkward, so I kept misinterpreting them), or my answer was correct, but not accepted (in which case you can report it as such).

I was able to finish the entire course like that in a few hours. I've been studying Japanese for a little over a year and a half, so I suppose you should be able to finish it too.

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