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"Ne, anglicky neumím vůbec."

Translation:No, I do not speak English at all.

October 14, 2017



Are mluvím and umím complete synonyms, or is there a difference?


Is "no I don't speak any English at all" wrong? It sounds natural to my non-native ears.


I think there would be another translation in Czech because of the 'any' But you can say that in English to emphasize that you REALLY don't speak English.


However, I cannot think of what Czech would correspond to the "any" here. I think there is nothing of the sort we could add to the Czech sentence before anglicky. In "any English", the "English" is a noun (the English language, angličtina, anglický jazyk) while "anglicky" in Czech is an adverb. So we can't add anything like the "any" to the adverb.

So, that is the reason why "any English" or "any English at all" has been accepted here for some time.

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