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How to ask for change money

I said "hast du Wechsel Geld für 20 Euro". Is that right or are there any more variations from it?

Also the person then asked me what do you need. I said "zwei 5 euros und ein zehn". Is that correct?

October 14, 2017



Hi Kavinda,

It depends if you want to ask formal or informal.

Formal: "Könnten Sie mir bitte 20€ wechseln?" "Was brauchen/bräuchten Sie denn?" Zwei 5€ (Scheine) und einen 10€-Schein bitte." If you want to be very polite you can after that. "Wenn das möglich ist, danke."

Informal1: "Kannst Du mir einen 20€-Schein wechseln? "Was brauchst Du denn?" " Ich bräuchte/brauche zwei 5€ und einen 10€-Schein, wenn das geht/möglich ist."

Informal2: "Kannst Du mir bitte einen Zwanziger wechseln? "Was brauchst Du denn?" "Zwei Fünfer und einen Zehner, wenn möglich (wenn's geht), danke.

Colloquial banknotes "Zwanziger" ect. The number + "-er". In the case of 50€ it is common to say "Fünfziger" or "Fuchziger" (you say it like you read it)

I hope that helps

best regards Angel


In addition to what Angel said, up here you can also hear Kannst du mir einen Zwanziger kleinmachen? for "can you break a twenty for me?" (i.e. give me smaller denominations in exchange).

And Fuchziger wouldn't be heard up here (Hamburg) at all! Must be some regionalism :) (Though you might hear Fuffziger. Not sure whether that's also a regionalism or a more or less universal colloquialism.)


Hi mizinamo,

"Fuchzger/Fuchzga" (oh my god bavarian written it looks so weird) you can hear in the south. "Fuchziger" I've heard till, let's say the middle of Germany (I heard that also in Cologne)

Question by the way. Did the "Heiermann" survived? How do you call now the 5€ ?

viele liebe Grüße an die Alster Angel

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I didn't know the Euro symbol. I found that on my American Mac keyboard I have to type in ALT + Shift + 2 in order to get "€". This is a FYI to fellow Americans with a Mac.


Hi Susan,

I just type alt + e. ^^

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