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Crazy Language Learners

So I have been on Duolingo for quite some time now. But what I noticed is that some people have a really crazy high day streak. So why do some people enjoy learning languages so much?

October 14, 2017


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Some people like high numbers!-)


  1. love learning languages

  2. some cann't stand the unknown

  3. some like the unknown

  4. some find it stimulating

  5. some like the challenge to stay in touch each day

  6. some find it motivational

  7. some find it necessary like breathing, eating, sleeping, etc.

  8. ... list goes on!


And some just love learning languages. :-)

[deactivated user]

    ...like me. but I can't ! :(


    I spend about 1-2+ hours each day learning/practising French and Spanish because it's really fun. I always find it funny that people don't think it's sad when someone is spending 2 hours on their Xbox each day but when you're learning, let's say, German for 2 hours a day people laugh at you.


    I have completely stopped video gaming in my quest to learn French.


    Same. When you're trying to learn Spanish, French, trying to master the guitar and trying to do your GCSEs it's really not that easy to find a lot of time to play videogames xD


    Or you play Spanish/French video games, as a source outside Duo. ;)


    That's a very good point. Perhaps we should start a worldwide movement to call XBox et al users sad....and stop refering to ourselves as sad...mea culpa!


    Yep. Many of my friends spend all day on their Xbox and I literally mean all day. But then they laugh at me when I spend about 2 hours learning Spanish a day. At least my hobby will look good on my CV xD


    The same here, people usually link erroneously learning with laziness and a negative connotation; even the word "study" causes a kind of allergies among people who make them reject even the possibility to begin the process of learning something new, as a language. I think our experiences with Duolingo can help them to realize that there is a way to learn a language and do it properly, without paying lots of money.


    People who really want to learn a language, always can find 5-15 minutes a day for a little practice. And the streak doesn't matter. They just enjoy the process.


    How high is crazy high?

    I am sure I hit that over a year ago.


    I'm assuming over a hundred day streak. You are definitely over crazy high. You are in the insane! But in a good way. :-)


    wow! amazing streak and level of languages!!! ;)


    Ah, glossophilia...

    It's helping me grow as a person while deteriorating my relationship with my parents, all at the same time.


    Well, the streak simply shows that a person at least logs in everyday and does a minimum of 1 lesson. It's really not that hard to do, unless you're forgetful or have a very busy life. I guess motivation is a key, too. Though, many people have many reasons as to why they love to learn languages. Some do it to connect to family, friends, or an aspect of a culture they adore. Some just love languages in general, or the "thrill" of learning them.

    I don't know why I love languages in general, except the fact that I love learning about different cultures. I could go into the specifics of French or Romanian, but I would go on and on. I actually had no interest in French until high school where I came to fall in love with the language and hopefully become more than proficient in it. ^ ^


    I like learning and I like languages and I need to be fluent in a few languages. I need to practice my languages every to get learn them, and Duolingo is good for that. I'd have an even higher streak if my computer didn't crash two years ago.

    [deactivated user]

      about your last sentence... lol !


      Found the discussion that matches exactly with me. Thanks

      [deactivated user]

        huh ? why do you post this in this comment ?


        I was just saying that this discussion is useful

        [deactivated user]

          oh. I am not an English speaker, I do not understand what you mean. sorry about that.


          Opportunities and the freedom to do fine in many places without having to deal with pesky language barriers.


          There are a lot of people who really enjoy Duolingo. I like learning in Duolingo, but I don't have time for achieving a high day streak.

          [deactivated user]


            Same as me! I think my highest streak was only 50!


            At least in my case, I've always liked learning languages. And to be honest, the way duolingo presents language learning is super addictive (My goals, aside from reviewing and learning all the languages in my list, are to 1. Reach the 100 day streak 2. reach level 25 at least in my first five)


            I am in french if you say I am it is in French Je Suis

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