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Fluency percentage

Has anyone else noticed that their % fluency has increased rapidly recently. I know it has very little meaning but it took me 10 weeks to go from 60 to 61 another 10 to go from 61 to 62 . About the same for 62 to 63 and then just a week to get to 64which I believe is as high as you can go in french. My wife has gone from 61 to 63 in just a couple of weeks. I wonder if duolingo has changed the parameters recently.

October 14, 2017



Please read http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Fluency

However, keep in mind:

However, I think Duolingo's courses are excellent.
Just enjoy the courses and don't worry about Duolingo's fluency %.


I agree, and I ignore these "fluency" indications.


I'll admit that when I logged on just a minute ago, I was shocked that I was on 60%. Then again, I have been studying more this week, and I honestly didn't keep track of my percentage, so maybe I was already close to 60%?

But who knows? Even though the fluency percentage doesn't mean much, to me anyways, it feels nice to have a high number, and welcome to the 60-percents club!


Mine has gone up too in one language. I thought it was notable because I had not been studying. Changing parameters is a definite possibility.


Mine too. I know it's meaningless in the real world but I like it anyway. I was apparently part of the previous test that raised it and then dropped it. I have to admit that I lost some motivation once it dropped.


I've observed that too. I was stuck for a year at 54% in Spanish and 63% in French. Now, in a matter of weeks, both have increased by 2% and keep rising. I'm not yet done with my Portuguese tree, but the fluency percent keeps rising even though I'm still spending most of my time re-gilding decayed skills.


65% is possible in French and, yes, it does seem that the higher values have been easier to achieve recently


Someone's tweaking the calculation again though;: mine's gone up 8% in about as many days and that's after maybe as long as 6 months or more at 40%. Also since I've finished the tree, it's not like I'm completing skills or learning new words so not really sure what it's basing the calculation on. And sorry Duo but if it's an A/B test thing, it's really not going to change my behaviour since I know it's pretty meaningless


While the percentage value may be a bit nonsensical at the moment, it should be somewhat accurate or there should be some indicator somewhere to explain what this fluency actually means. That is my opinion in this matter.

In the end, I follow my own philosophy on fluency. You have learned a language well enough when you can have a conversation in said language without noticing that your not speaking this foreign language.

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