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German friends?! Deutsche fruende?!

Hi, my name is Teagan and I'm learning German. I'm 16 years old and have only been studying for a year but I'm looking for friends who are German who I can practice my language skills with. If you're German and learning English or you're also learning German and know English then lets be friends!

Hallo, mein Name ist Teagan und ich lerne Deustch. Ich bin 16 Jahre Alt und ich habe nur seit einem Jahr studiert aber Ich suche Freunde, die Deutsch sind, mit denen ich meine Sprachkenntnisse üben kann. Wenn Sie Deutsch sind und Englisch lernen oder du weißt Deutsch und Englisch dann lass uns Freunde sein!

October 14, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Hi. I am learning German ( using English ). I am a Chinese speaker. we can be friends if you want to. ;)

    [deactivated user]

      now you are my friend. I am level 10 in German, but I am still bad at German. :( we can help each other.


      Hallo, mein name ist aaqib und ich bin auf india. wie gehts?


      Ich bin gut, und du?

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      I don't think Germans say Ich bin gut in the way you are meaning it to. Try Es geht mir gut which means "It is going well with me". AaqibJawed is asking "How well are you doing?" and you are answering "I am good".


      hallo, ich bin Jaclyn.I speak English but I am learning German I'm only on level 6.


      I'm level 7 so i'm not too far ahead


      Hi! I am Sunny, and I live in the UK. I am very interested in the german language aswell! Let's be friends! Where are you from?


      Hi! I'm from manchester, you?


      Hallo! I am an English speaker who is learning German and I think we could be good friends!


      Do you have snapchat?


      hey you all! i am a native german speaker, and my english is very good, i had it twelve years in school. So if you want me to help you learning german, just write me :)


      Hallo TeaganFeer.Wir all lerne Deustch. Wir sind all friends of each others..


      Hi I am learning a lot of German to how far are you in your learning process. I am done with the second checkpoint.


      Hallo! Ich bin einen Brasilianer, und ich auch lerne Deustche. Woher kommen sie?

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