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  5. "They eat too much sugar."

"They eat too much sugar."

Translation:Jedí příliš cukru.

October 14, 2017



Why "hodne" is not valid here?


Jedí hodně cukru. = 'They eat a lot of sugar.'


Depending on emphasis - or if it were answering a certain question - would my answer, "příliš cukru jedí" make sense?


Only hypothetically, it is really strange. It could be an answer to someone implying they didn't but in reality I one would almost certainly phrase it differently. E.g., with the pronoun: "Oni příliš cukru jedí." - that sounds better, but still would make better sense if it were about eating enough sugar and not too much sugar. Most likely is just: "Oni jedí příliš cukru.".


Can you ever say: Jedi příliš hodně cukru, As in "way too much sugar"?


It is really weird for me (check http://syd.korpus.cz/mKDn2oCq.syn ), but the corpus has 266 hits and it is accepted.

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