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  5. "They eat too much sugar."

"They eat too much sugar."

Translation:Jedí příliš cukru.

October 14, 2017



Depending on emphasis - or if it were answering a certain question - would my answer, "příliš cukru jedí" make sense?


Only hypothetically, it is really strange. It could be an answer to someone implying they didn't but in reality I one would almost certainly phrase it differently. E.g., with the pronoun: "Oni příliš cukru jedí." - that sounds better, but still would make better sense if it were about eating enough sugar and not too much sugar. Most likely is just: "Oni jedí příliš cukru.".


Can you ever say: Jedi příliš hodně cukru, As in "way too much sugar"?


It is really weird for me (check http://syd.korpus.cz/mKDn2oCq.syn ), but the corpus has 266 hits and it is accepted.


Why "hodne" is not valid here?


Jedí hodně cukru. = 'They eat a lot of sugar.'


Can we say "Jedí přílíš cukr" too? Is "hodně" necessary here (přílíš=too, too much right?).


As you can see above there is no hodně in the main translation. So yes, it does not have to be there. But you need the genitive anyway (because of příliš).


The answer in the App (I wrote my question there in fact) do put the "hodně". Besides, I didn't know about "příliš", So I added it to my list of genitive words. You are always so useful Vladimir.


The app will always suggest some answer that looks close enough to what you tried. But then when you click on "Discussion" you will see the main answer. It is the one you see above and it is the very same one you could see in the app after opening the Discussion.


Yes, it is worth it to take my time and to control every possibility or linguistic aspect. For me, not having any experience in Slavic languages and having to advance even in English, there is only one way: go slow and to advance only when I am sure. I like to be a "perfectionist" and therefore I am impressed about the high level of the course and its moderators!! For a course that is FREE, I feel being lucky, through all the mistakes I daily make. Because non of my mistakes are worthless and that's quite sometime I would say!

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