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This is how the Sign Languages of the world are related to each other

For example: Portuguese sign language (LGP) was based on Swedish sign language, so these two are very similar, even when their countries are so far away from each other. Most sign languages belong to the French sign language family.

October 14, 2017



That's really interesting. I never knew the sign languages were divided into families just like vocal languages.


Hi Lea,

thank you for that link. It's really interesting. I'm learning a little bit BSL but not consequently. The card is showing what belongs together, thanks.

regards Angel


Very interesting. JSL is apparently quite disconnected from the others. I look forward to studying it.
One thing about the picture you linked: the exclamation mark should come before the brackets for the image to show.
Regards, and thank you for sharing.


That's very interesting. Thanks for posting the map. Where is it from?


Thanks for the post, but it would be better if had numbers or something like this to help colorblind people like me (:


Lea.1717, this is really super cool! Thank you for posting it :D

Would you edit your post and add this at the bottom so people can see a larger image of it? Click for larger version of image. I don't know if you know how to embed links here. Do [Click for larger version of image] (http://i.imgur.com/WofPC5C.png). However, remove the space between the [] brackets and the () with the URL.

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